Some Inspiring Ideas of Modern Kitchen Designs for You

A Blue Kitchen Island With Marble Countertop And Some Stools

Modern style is related with chic and simplicity. This kind of style is done with elegant solutions and clean lines which many homeowners choose to have. For you who love this style and want to rock it to your home, today’s topic will be a good news for you because we are going to share some ideas that may be useful and inspire you. Here some ideas of modern kitchens that is outstanding and will drop your jaw. Check it out!

Neutral Modern Kitchens

Neutral colors are timeless, and that is the reason why so many people love to have it for decor and design. White color is the most popular one for modern style. It can make your kitchen more airy and it brings ethereal feel. For you who do not like white because it is too boring, there are other ideas to make it more attractive. You may try wooden counters, backsplash, and cabinets to add eye catching point and texture to your kitchen. You can also make the space more outstanding with mosaic tiles on the floor or backsplash.

Monochromatic Modern Kitchens

Beside neutral colors, monochrome is another popular choice for modern spaces because it is also timeless and give more interesting look because of its bold contrasts. Try to have black and white cabinets. Besides, you may choose only some touches in black, for example, a kitchen island, a backsplash and chairs or stools. Adding stone or marble surfaces, wooden touches and metallic lamps, handles and even a hood is a good idea to make you kitchen more interesting.

Colorful Modern Kitchens

We have talked about neutrals and monochrome color for modern space. Yet, if you do not like such a color because it is boring, you may also use other color to your space. There are plenty colorful designs that you can try and there are various shades that you can choose. There are mint, teal, red, neon shades, emerald, navy, cobalt blue, and almost every color you can dream of. You can try various two-color mixtures, which are very popular nowadays. If you want something different, you may try bold shades with white or cream for a contrast. Another idea is by mixing some interesting shade with black, which is ever goes wrong. Do not be too afraid of doing some experiments and just feel free to make your kitchen more interesting. Get inspired!

A Kitchen Features A Stone Kitchen Island With Come Stools And A Full Marble Wall

A Long Kitchen With Wooden Floor Features Grey Kitchen Cabinets With Black Countertops

A Kitchen With White Kitchen Cabinets, Dark Wood Backsplash, And A Kitchen Island With Two Tall Stools

A Long Kitchen In Wooden Floor Features White Cabinets

A White Kitchen Island With Wooden Countertop Ad Additional Wooden Dining Area With Some Green Chairs

A Kitchen Features White Kitchen Cabinets With Black Countertops And Black Walls

A Marble Kitchen Island With Some Stools

A Kitchen Features Black Kitchen Cabinets And A Glazed Wall With Wonderful View

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