Soft and Welcoming Provence Décor Style of a Townhouse to Admire

White Chandelier White Chairs Green Cushions Green Curtain White Vintage Display Cabinets Wooden Flooring White Framed Green Botanical Themen Wall Artworks

The so-called Provence style of interior décor is somewhat rare although it is gaining its popularity right now. Overall the things that make it getting more and more popular are the soft appeal and welcoming vibe of this décor style. Well, there is a townhouse having its size at about 145 square meters designed to be the living area of a large family with four kids using that particular Provence style decoration. It is perfect for a large family by having that style of decoration that anyone can enjoy it easily and highly comfortable to the eyes.

Amidst the different spaces inside the house, there is the dining space in such cozy flair all over it. Antique looking cupboards are there with floral print finishes alongside vintage table and chairs covered in emerald upholstery. As a complement to this room, there is a chandelier and some botanical themed artworks on the wall that is in the same scope as green curtains. The kitchen of this townhouse is finished in cream color with light wooden countertops as well as patterned tiles for the backsplash. A breakfast nook is there with roman shades covering the window for more comfort around it. One side of the walls is glazed with some pendants to complete the area and accentuating the décor at the same time.

It has its living room that surprisingly small with a faux fireplace along with some candles as the focal point. The wallpapers are having a floral theme as well as the patterned curtain. There is a rustic looking coffee table and chairs in neutral upholstery for more coziness of this space to enjoy while also looking pretty sweet.

The master bedroom area of this townhouse in Provence style is having purple touches although buttermilk is the main shade of the room. Warm and soothing feel can be felt all around this bedroom with French window to bring more natural lights inside. There is a refined piece of cabinet and mirror with such cool looking frame to accentuate the space further, and apparently, it looks more and more beautiful. There is small sleeping space for the younger child who may want to sleep there as well. Furthermore, the master bathroom has green and purple touches as well to go as the rest of the décor in this space. Overall it has its central tone in buttermilk shade as the bedroom.

Buttermilk Bathroom Color Scheme White Wooden Vanity Wicker Bucket Purple Towels Potted Greenery Wlal Lamp White Sinks White Floating Toilets

Buttermilk Master Bedroom Tone Large Upholstered Headboard Patterned Purple Pillows White Lamp Shade Table Lamp Flowers Purple Curtains

Bright Cream Shade Kitchen Finish Light Wooden Flooring White Corner Wooden Kitchen Cabinet Patterned Tile Backsplash Floating Shelving Units White Chairs Potted Greenery

Buttermilk Bedroom Wall Finish Purple Curtains White Interior Radiator White Framed Wall Mirror White Drawers Plaid Crib Bed Covering White Framed Glass Windows

White Chandelier White Chairs Green Cushions Green Curtain White Vintage Display Cabinets Wooden Flooring White Framed Green Botanical Themen Wall Artworks

Clear Glass Shade Pendants White Kitchen Cabinetries Potted Greenery Flowers Corner Sofa Green Pillows White Chandelier Green Curtain Wooden Flooring Patterned Rug

Light Green Statement Wall Corner Sofa Wooden Table Wicker Storage Boxes Wooden Stairs And Railing Green Planters Green Accent Pillows

Faux Fireplace Candles Green Upholstered Wooden Base Chair Wooden Flooring White Chairs Green Cushions Large Wall Mounted Tv White Lamp Shade Floor Lamp White Framed Botanical Themen Wall Art Pieces

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