Smart Ways to Use Apothecary Cabinets in Any Interior

Light Wooden Floor Wooden Apothecary Cabinet Black Handles Carrier Decorative Items Potted Plant

Vintage items are so booming in interior decoration today. More and more people love to incorporate old items in their house to bring a rather unique feel all over the décor. Antique furniture items offer many styles and shape that can all be incorporated in almost any décor. Even modern décor will get the benefit of incorporating vintage furniture items. Sideboards, chests, shelves, and cabinets can all be easily incorporated in any interior décor today. Despite of the vintage nature of those items, they can always be refinished in modern shades for the better appeal of them. Well, one of several vintage furniture items that can be incorporated today is apothecary cabinet. How to really rock the décor with that type of cabinet?

It is common to add a console table in an entryway. Some people even place a sideboard there. Basically an apothecary cabinet in the right size can be placed in an entryway to add vintage appeal instantly. Consider the small one to make sure that it could fit the available space of the entryway. Surprisingly IKEA Rast can be a smart choice for this matter when it is rather difficult to find authentic vintage apothecary cabinet in the right size.

A living room is the place where many items can be put together to create a really decent décor. In this case an apothecary cabinet is always nice to be placed there. Since it is a living room, the size of the apothecary cabinet could either be small or large. Different finishes and textures of the cabinets can play decent role for sure in relation to the overall decoration appeal. As a matter of fact even the drawers of the apothecary cabinet can be so functional as well to store many small items. The handles of the cabinet should be given attention as well since they can deliver different accents of the cabinet.

One last option to think about when incorporating an apothecary cabinet is to bring it into a kitchen. It can actually be a kitchen island. Surely it will look so unique to have a kitchen island out of an apothecary cabinet, right? On the other hand it can also be used as a counter. The top surface can be given common countertop materials like marble or stainless steel referring to the functions of them. So, it will really be fun to have vintage items like an apothecary cabinet in any interior décor today, right?

Light Wooden Floor Wooden Apothecary Cabinet Black Handles Carrier Decorative Items Potted Plant

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