Smart Speaker that Learns Music Style and Preference of Its User

Laier Speaker Unique Clear Glass Design Colorful Appeal

Today there are more and more electronic devices as well as gadgets with smart features. Well, smartphones are surely one of the most popular items with smart features today. There are smart TVs as well in which the smart features are designed to make life easier for the users. It is true that smart features can be helpful for most people, so that smart items are getting more and more popular nowadays. Now there is even a smart speaker. Well, what could a speaker possibly do anyway?

There is a smart speaker named Lanier designed and manufactured by JiHye Lee & PDF Haus. Well, his particular speaker is smart in a way that it is capable of learning and detect the style and preference of music of its users. It will also be able to learn different reactions of its users when listening to different styles of music. Surely that sounds interesting. The basic idea is to learn the reaction and mood of its users which will then be dealt with by the speaker. Certain styles of music will be able to be played according to the learned reaction and mood in a purpose of boosting the users’ mood into the better state.

The smart feature of this speaker includes the artificial emotional intelligence game designed by JiHye Lee & PDF Haus. Music types and rhythms can be recognized when a user is listening to music using this Laier speaker. It will then decide to play certain music to resemble mad, fun, sad, or happy tone for the user. Well, that is about the smart features of this particular speaker system.

Furthermore, the look of this speaker is eye catchy. It means that the speaker will also be able to beautify any interior décor where it is placed. Different lights in different patterns and combinations can be seen in its four semitransparent layers. The colors are intended to boost the mood of its users further. This smart speaker has a pretty minimalist design so that it is perfect for any modern space. It is pretty interesting to have a nice looking speaker with smart features, unlike any other speaker. Those who are tech geek may well be getting so interested in having this one. Meanwhile, the others may also use this speaker just to get the beauty of itself within any interior décor of their homes.

Laier Smart Speaker Colorful Clear Glass Materials

Laier Speaker Changing Colors Clear Glass Feature

Laier Speaker Unique Clear Glass Design Colorful Appeal

Laier Smart Speaker Modern Minimalist Design Colorful Glass Pieces

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