Small yet Spacious Interior Space of Azuchi House

Wooden Ceiling Grass Inspired Rug Wooden Console Table Potted Plants Glazed Walls Greeneries Trees Round Pouf Wooden Sofa Grey Cushion Wooden Kitchen Island

Creating a spacious living space is crucial for any interior decoration project of today. One thing that is not so helpful with that thing is the fact that living spaces today are getting smaller and smaller. Well, it is not that impossible though to create a spacious living space in a rather small area. The so-called Azuchi House in its minimalist décor style is one clear example of small space that can be designed and decorated to be spacious as well as comfortable. One interesting feature of this house is that it feels like outside while being inside its interior.

The house itself was designed by Alts Design Office with a unique theme of the outside. It is the theme in which the interior of this house seems like the outside. The Azuchi House has been so successful in maximizing the minimalist idea in a small space. Such contrasting idea that may sound impossible for some people can be seen in this house. The idea of using outside theme for the interior is intended to give a feeling of freedom to its owners upon living in a small space.

The décor starts with light-colored wood and concrete within the living room. All things that include the walls, ceiling, as well as the furniture items, are all in those two colors. Meanwhile, there is a rather hidden kitchen space in the wooden clad panel right at one of the corners of this open layout space of the main living area. The dining room has several comfy chairs to accompany a light wooden table. The dining area is at the center of the open space to ensure warm atmosphere when having a meal together. The living room features a comfortable grey sofa as well as an iconic looking green grass style rug. There is a set of low furniture as well in the living room. There are windows that are the ways of natural lights to enter the space creating the bigger feel of the space.

Upper floor features kids’ space to do various activities. There is no furniture at all in the kids’ are so that nothing could create clutter there. Meanwhile, there is another space designed to be the so-called private zones. Well, a small living space does not mean that it should feel small and decorated as it is. It can be transformed into a spacious décor with bigger feel upon using the space as this Azuchi House.

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Green Textured Grass Inspired Rug Round Pouf Wooden Dining Table Wooden Dining Chair Rectangular Windows White Stairs Wooden Ceiling Wooden Walls Wooden Sofa Grey Cushion Grey Pillows

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Wooden Ceiling Grass Inspired Rug Wooden Console Table Potted Plants Glazed Walls Greeneries Trees Round Pouf Wooden Sofa Grey Cushion Wooden Kitchen Island

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