Rustic Accents in a Scandinavian House with a Wonderful View of the Ocean

Attic Bedroom Space Wood Floor White Wood Cabinets White Table Lamp Wicker Bucket Plush Pink Chair Books Ceiling Lights Yellow Printed Bedspread Black Chair Framed Wall Artwork

The combination of Nordic style and rustic accents in an interior décor can really be enjoyable. A Scandinavian style décor in a Danish residential house located just by the seaside is a great example of fresh take on that décor style. It may not be like that traditional Scandinavian house but it remains to be a beautiful one to look at with some modern flairs. Atop of that the house has a gorgeous view of the ocean as one of its main attractions to enjoy from its interior. Couldn’t that be better?

The building was originated from the year of 1885 that is pretty classic and rustic. Its original elements remain there to be combined with some modern touches of Nordic and Scandinavian flairs here and there. Different textures, mix of styles, and contrasting effects can be seen there all the way in every corner of the interior of this house in the most enjoyable way.

The main space of this house is the connected kitchen, dining room, and living room. That is a pretty clever and common solution for any living space today. Moreover the flow of movement inside the house can be better when incorporating that open plan of those three main areas of any house. Wooden beams are there as the original parts of the house along with whitewashed flooring. Meanwhile the addition of bold orange sofa and fur rug delivers the modern touches inside this house. The kitchen features dark stained wood cabinetry and open shelving unit. The use of open shelving unit creates visually larger space. Meanwhile black leather chairs alongside marble table are there in the dining corner. Stainless steel kitchen island is functioned as itself as well as a space divider.

The master bedroom features white beams and bright floral print wallpaper. Green curtains, textural rugs, and colored bedding set complete the functional aspect of the bedroom that look gorgeous. The storage solution inside the bedroom is handled by white cabinets creating uncluttered space. Graphical printed tiles are inside the bathroom as its flooring while the shower corner has black walls and wooden sink. That contrasting appeal is a decent one to enjoy even just in a bathroom. Aside of its interior space, the exterior of this house is maximized by a dining terrace and a lounge balcony. The outdoor activities are all accompanied by the awesome view of the ocean which will be just perfect.

Attic Bedroom Space Wood Floor White Wood Cabinets White Table Lamp Wicker Bucket Plush Pink Chair Books Ceiling Lights Yellow Printed Bedspread Black Chair Framed Wall Artwork

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