Rocking Pink to Your Interior

A Living Room Features A Fireplace, Pink Sofa With White Cushions, And A Round Glass Top Table

Many people love pink color, especially for girls. Actually, pink is a tricky color to be used in a decoration. Some people love it and use too much to their space, some others detest it and thinks it’s too hacky. Yet, you can still use pink for your space. One thing you need to remember is that you just need a little bit of pink shades in your decoration to make it chic and gorgeous. Here some ideas that may help you to rock pink in your space. Get inspired!

A Pink Accent Wall

A great idea to add color to your home is by having a pink accent wall in various shades. Just do it in a stylish way, and you will get a nice look of you home. You may go for dusty oink or blush to be applied into the wall for you who like soft shades. For you who like a bold touch, you may try hot pink or fuchsia for your wall. A pink wall can be nice for any kinds of spaces such as a bedroom, an entryway, and a home office a living room. Pink is not only for girlish spaces anymore. For example, you can paint a brick wall with pink paint, and it will look amazing for any interior. Try it!

Pink Furniture

A pink furniture can add a lively and colorful touch to any space. I can be a gorgeous pink vanity in the bathroom to add a soft feel. For you who want to create a girlish bedroom, you may try a pink nightstand or a pink faux fur bench at the foot of the bed. Having a pink velvet sofa is a nice idea because it will make you living room more inviting and welcoming. For a reading nook, you may go for a cozy pink velvet chair or armchair. A hot pink or blush sideboard can be a nice idea to be an art deco or to make a glam space.

Pink Accessories

Not only on the wall or furniture, pink also can be added with textiles such as curtains, rugs, pillows, and bedding. Gorgeous pink drapes will add a chic touch to your space. Adding Fluffy pink pillows is a good idea to make the bed welcoming and especially add a girlish touch to your bedroom. Another idea is by adding pink lamps in various kinds to add soft color into your space. It can be table lamps, pendant lamps, or wall lamps.

A Pink Sideboard With Candles And Glasses On It Placed In Front Of Monochrome Statement Wall With A Mirror Hung Above The Sideboard

A Sofa With Cushions And A Coffee Table Placed On A Rug Positioned In Front Of A Dusty Pink Brick Wall

A Bench With Pink Pillows Placed On A Rug Beside A Side Table With Books And Pot On It

A Pink Bathroom Vanity With White Sink And A Pot Of Plant Placed In Front Of White Wall With A Mirror Hung Above The Vanity

A Living Room Features A Fireplace, Pink Sofa With White Cushions, And A Round Glass Top Table

A Soft Pink Sofa Placed Near A Window With Dusty Pink Curtains

A White Room Consists Of A Pink Sofa With Many Cushions In The Same Shades, A Round Coffee Table Placed On A Rug, And A Desk With Mirror And A Vase Of Flowers

A Bedroom Features A Big Bed With A Purple Pillow, A Grey Side Table, And A Pink Bench At The End Of The Bed

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