Rocking Design of Elegant Drusa Lamps by Adriano Rachele

Drusa Lamp Wall Sconce Style White Finish Soft Lighting

Modern décor demands unique items to elevate the décor further. Many designers alongside manufacturers have created decent items in the unique designs as possible to give more choices for homeowners. In respect to that matter, lighting fixtures are among the many items offered in unique design without compromising any functional aspect of the items. It is pretty common that today’s lighting fixtures are not just providing lights but they also deliver a decent amount of boost into the decoration aspect within the space they are placed.

Adriano Rachele is one of many modern designers with that clever mind in creating nice looking modern items with a high level of practicality for any interior space. One of his latest items is a lighting fixture named Drusa. He designed this particular lighting fixture for a brand named SLAMP. The main inspiration for this lighting piece is the beautiful appeal of diamonds and rocks. The outcome of that idea is actually a really unique piece of a lighting fixture which is pretty stylish at the same time. It can really be a decent addition to any interior space especially those spaces in modern décor.

Well, to be more precise, the ideas behind the design of this unique lamp are natural phenomena of crystals growing out of rocks. As a modern designer, he translated that natural occurrence in a decent design of this Drusa lamp. Some facets play with the lights as his modern interpretation of that mentioned natural phenomenon. This particular lighting fixture is made of Lentiflex with velvet print finish for the better look of it. The light source is there in the center of this lamp with its capability to reach each of the surfaces in different angles. That feature really adds texture and depth to the harmony of light and shape. Drusa is definitely more than just a light, right?

This lighting fixture that can be considered to resemble a diamond will be a nice addition to a modern décor that needs a few glam touches on some items. It comes in both suspension version and ceiling version. Various chromatic shades can be selected as the finish of this lamp to really match the basic decoration style within the space where it is placed. This so-called Drusa lamp is definitely a unique and cleverly designed lamp that will beautify any interior space with its unique build and function.

Drusa Lamp Chromatic Shades

Drusa Lamp Sconce Style Cream Finish Soft Light

Drusa Lamp Wall Sconce Style White Finish Soft Lighting

Drusa Lamp Cream Finish Pendant Style

Drusa Lamp Clear White Finish Grey Wall Paint

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