Restored Old House with 20th Century Décor Ideas

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Old stuffs can be refreshed to look brand new and even better than before. Old houses are definitely included as old stuffs that can be refreshed, refurbished, or restored to have its old times glory back. Well, today there are architect services that offer restoration to old houses and buildings with the possibilities of altering some elements and adding several features to be better in functions. Oleg Klodt Architecture and Design of Russia have been doing old house restoration projects in which its latest project is a house in Rublevka. The threestory residential house in Rublevka of Moscow now has its best in term of its look as well as its function.

The owner of this house is a fan of Soviet-era Constructivism as well as 20th century arts thus inside the house now there are designed furniture items, beautiful artworks, historic objects, floor-to-ceiling windows and plenty more wonderful stuffs. It was a challenge for the Oleg Klodt Architecture and Design to actually reconstruct old building into a functional residential house of today without eliminating its old beauties. So at the end the interior really display the beauty of late-Constructivist style era in somewhat modern and functional approach. It really is satisfying to see the interior décor now.

Antique items as well as vintage memorabilia from all over the globe were collected and selected carefully by the designers to fill the house. Those old items are then combined with modern pieces in old style to really create classic vibe inside the house. Overall, the taste of both 1930s and 1940s can be enjoyed inside the interior décor of this house. Emmanuel Babled coffee table alongside Bassam Fellows armchairs are amidst myriad of items in its classical glory. Every piece of items in the décor was selected carefully in purpose of enhancing the heritage of classic décor. It includes the electricity sockets in several areas of the house.

One interestingly modern take of classical item is a glass room with a Jacuzzi inside. Clearly the use of glass to make a room is a modern touch in which the Jacuzzi inside is really classic. This space is actually connected to the outdoor space in its best way. The framed glass walls can be opened at any time to enjoy the garden area of this house. At the end Oleg Klodt Architecture and design created a really nice restoration with a bit of alteration there.

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