Resonance Speakers, Functional and Stylish Speakers for Your Space

Two Hands Holding The Resonance Speakers

Hello pals! Are you a person who like listening to music? A pair of speakers may be a necessity for you. For you who often held a meeting in a work office, speakers also become a need to support the conference. Some people think that speakers may be not important to be had, but for some people, it is an important need to be fulfilled. In this great time, I would like to talk about speakers that are very functional and stylish. Wanna know it more? Let’s check it out!

These speakers are called Resonance speakers. This item is right what you need for you who are looking for high definition speakers for a stylish look. These speakers bring high definition in sound and low-res in construction. Such an item are an into the FDM 3d printing process. The process has historically been limited to rough prototyping. Many designers find the blocky and layered appearance of fused deposition modeling which is not proper for a final product. However, the Resonance takes advantage of the “low-res” look that is got from FDM printing by using it surprisingly.

How does the speaker do? Let’s check it more about it. Wood PLA is used to create this kind of speaker item. These speaker forms are printed in wood PLA on an UP box printer. After that, a resin-plaster mix is poured inside the forms. As a result, a perfect imperfection of speaker set with visual and tactile qualities related to desktop 3D printing. This wonderful speaker is completed with chips in plaster. The stained areas that become the indication of higher concentrations of resin, as well as unique seams that creep up each of the speakers, are just some of the fingerprints left over from the 3D process that gives character to the item. Because of the seams, the look of this kind of speaker is looked more unique. Besides, the power of the seams looks that the speakers are a hand-made product, not printing product. Such a great idea!

The Resonance speaker is a piece that you need that come with functional point and stylish look. You may add this item to your favorite place to relax to maximize your relaxing activity with some calm songs and music. You may also add it in the meeting room of your office. It will be helpful during the meeting and can bring the eye-catching look of the space.

Two Hands Holding The Resonance Speakers

The Resonance Speakers In White Surfaces

The Seams In The White Surface Of The Resonance Speakers

The Resonance Speakers

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