Real-Time Donald Trump Tweet Alert Lamp

Bright Cloud Table Lamp Round Base Clear Glass Tube Shade

The social network is the ultimate hub of almost anyone today. Apart from its location in the world as long as people have shared interests no doubt, they can be easily connected with a wide selection of social networking applications out there. One of the long-running social networking apps is undoubtedly Twitter. It is light and comfortable to use that could deliver latest updates on anything and everything quickly. Even Donald Trump has an active Twitter account that often tweets shocking things. Well, aside from the standard notification of the Twitter apps within a computer or a smartphone, there is a new way to know every time Donald Trump tweet anything.

Well, surprisingly it is in the form of a table lamp named Cloud Lamp. How about that? So the idea was there in ParseError as a multidisciplinary designer to create something unique for any interior. The result is the politically themed lamp design with a touch of thunderstorm inside. How could that be? So the lamp will immediately stir thunderous storm when Donald Trump tweet. Surely it is a unique way to tell that Donald Trump has just tweeted about something in real time.

Each tweet posted by Donald Trump will be materialized by using lightning inside the glass shade of the lamp. The electricity roars through the clouds there to disturb the soft light of the fire inside the glass shade. Successful phase Error has been so in hiding the so-called mystical nature in a beautiful looking lamp. So it is pretty much like sneaking a beauty into a beast when talking about this lamp. Well, the actual size and shape of the light make it perfect for almost any interior décor style. It is functional while also being decorative at the same time as many interior decoration items in modern form today. Its integration to a social network is one of its kinds today with the possibility of some others may follow in the future.

Furthermore, according to phase error, it is also intended to make sure that people are aware of what has been said by Donald Trump on Twitter. Many people consider that Donald Trump embodies a somewhat dangerous era in which simple tweet can deliver horrible effects in many places. Well, what a way to pay attention to Donald Trump’s words while also having a functional table lamp that beautifies the interior decoration as well, right?

Bluish Cloud Inside Cloud Lamp

Bright Cloud Table Lamp Round Base Clear Glass Tube Shade

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