Quintessence Furniture Collection of Maria Bubuioc and Mihai Stamati

Wooden Poufs Linen Upholstery

The high-quality traditional craftsmanship of Romania and Moldova can be seen all over the items within the new furniture collection from Maria Bubuioc and Mihai Stamati. The collection is called Quintessence that incorporates natural materials originated from Moldova and Romania. Those two countries were the home countries of the two designers of this furniture collection. The idea behind the use of natural materials from the two home countries as well as incorporating traditional craftsmanship of those countries is to help support local manufacturers. The hope is to develop those local manufactures to be able to grow better and better within the global market of furniture items.

Such strong story of the local craftsman is they their skills have been passed down throughout the decades within their families. That way they can keep the so-called traditional craftsmanship techniques over the years. Without the further use of those techniques along with exposure to the large scale of the globe surely it is possible for them to be just gone at some points in the future. Thus the so-called Quintessence collection is created in a noble purpose at the beginning. It can be said that every piece of furniture item within this particular collection will have a strong and powerful story behind its beauty and practicality.

Within the manufacturing of the furniture items of this particular collection, there are natural elements as the main focus. Linen, hemp yarn, woven hemp textiles, feathers, and red area all incorporated as the main textile materials of the furniture. Furthermore, those textiles are combined with wooden structures to form just the right look of the furniture with decent durability given by the natural wooden frames.

In the end, this furniture collection will be a decent choice of those who like to have a kind of natural looking decoration in any interior space. Those who have the high concern of natural, eco-friendly materials should be considering this set of furniture collection as well. Moreover, those who are concern about traditional matters should be helping Maria Bubuioc and Mihai Stamati saving the legacy of their countries in the form of traditional craftsmanship techniques in manufacturing furniture items. Traditional style décor, as well as the rustic theme of decoration, will greatly benefit the use of this Quintessence collection of furniture. It can be an eye catcher in modern style décor as well when properly incorporated into the right spots.

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Wooden Poufs Linen Upholstery

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