Puzzles Inspired Ubik Furniture Items by Nexa Interiores

The Ubik Combo Separated Forms Chairs Table Open Shelving Units Wooden Flooring

A furniture collection or a combo could offer a better functionality over individual pieces. It is common for designers and manufacturers to create a set if some items within a collection to make it easier for everyone to pick and use them. There is this highly functional furniture collection as the latest one from Nexa Interiores of Madrid named Ubik. It is said that puzzles inspire this furniture collection. Within this collection, there is a storage unit as well as a table and some chairs. One good thing is that it will not take lots of space at all.

Both functionality and practicality can be found there within a set of furniture items within the Ubik collection from Nexa Interiores. The set is a cool one which is in a perfect scope of modern furniture to be both beautiful and highly functional. It is a highly special furniture collection since it can be packed into a form of a cabinet. Yet it can then be opened up to reveal a table and four chairs while the cabinet will still be in that form as a storage unit. Basically it is a basic set of furniture items needed by any living space, right? My Design actually conceptualizes this beautiful collection before being manufactured by Nexa Interiores.

When the table and chairs are not needed, they can all be stored in the cabinet. It has been designed in a clever way that two chairs can be tessellated along with the table binds the other two chairs of this collection. Right at the time the table and the chairs are needed then it can all be opened up to set a spot up for four people. It can be a dining table for sure in a limited space.

The entire furniture items within this collection are made of melamina. The available finishes include white, red, and black to make it looks nice in any modern interior really. Apparently this has been a smart idea to set a combo of furniture like this one so that space will not be an issue at all with the purpose of maximizing the function of a modern space. High level of durability is guaranteed there with that material alongside the maximum functionality of the items in this Ubik furniture collection. Obviously any homeowners of modern living spaces will love to make use of this furniture collection from Nexa Interiores.

The Ubik Combo Furniture Colelction From Nexa Interiores Black Red White Finishes

The Ubik Combo Separated Forms Chairs Table Open Shelving Units Wooden Flooring

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