Privacy and Comfort in a Modern Style of Bachelor’s Home

Wooden Rectangular Bathtub Wooden Stool White Subway Tiles Bathroom Walls Metal Towel Hanger Glazed Walls White Towels

Having its location pretty close to the water’s edge in a small city lot, this house that belongs to a bachelor is a beautiful one. A decent attraction to enjoy from the house is the stunning view of the bay. Yet there are many other things to enjoy alongside that view though. The perfect mixture of privacy and comfort when decorating the space delivers a perfectly enjoyable style of decoration within the scope of modern décor. Surprisingly the house itself was considered a central location in the city even with a very convenient place to place a free plane even though the house itself is not too big.

Zinc and aluminum deliver protective covering for the house away from the street. That is really helpful in creating a comfortable spot to enjoy the view of the Cascade Mountains and Portage Bay over the waterfronts of Seattle. This house has 2-floor levels with a different idea for each of the floor. The entire space is done in a modern style of décor with just a bit of mid-century modern feel all over it. The outcome is a really cozy and comfortable place to stay. Walnut, cedar, blackened steel, flagstone, and marble can all be found inside the house within the décor.

Since it is a bachelor’s house that is small, the kitchen is surely a small one yet very streamlined with just the essentials needed there. In short, it will just be enough to be called a complete working kitchen for its owner. Furthermore, the bathing area features a kind of spa with Japanese hinoki tub completed with a view of the lake outside for such calming bath in it. That is considerably the master bath space of the house. Meanwhile, the bedding area is having its finish of warm wooden cladding. It offers a warm feeling inside with the bed as well as the nightstands are made of the same wood used as the cladding. There is even a laundry room that is quite large with all the needed equipment to get the job done. That space is surely free of clutter so that it is pretty enjoyable just to look at.

The second level of the house is surely a more secluded space compared to the first level despite the fact that the entire house has its high level of privacy. There is the so-called glazed wall to really help in enjoying the view of the surrounding at any time.

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Wooden Rectangular Bathtub Wooden Stool White Subway Tiles Bathroom Walls Metal Towel Hanger Glazed Walls White Towels

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