Practical Collection of Mid-Century Modern Lighting Fixtures by Rich Brilliant Willing

The Hoist Lamps Blue Lamp Shades Yellowsih Lights Pendant Style Trees

Many furniture manufacturers have designed and produced furniture items focusing more on the practicality matter. It is actually pretty reasonable since homeowners prefer to have functional items to maximize their living spaces. Therefore functional aspect is given more attention without even leaving the idea of beautiful items. The collection of lighting fixtures by Rich Brilliant Willing is another beautiful example of today’s practical items for living spaces that look good as well. Usability and practicality can be said to be the main focus of the mid-century inspired lighting fixtures offered by this New York-based manufacturer.

Within this series there are several different pieces that consist of sconce lamps, pendant, and chandelier in mid-century style. Those items can all be adapted accordingly to remain useful and functional regardless of the condition of the space where they are placed. That is a bit of personalization touch that makes it a really desirable set of lighting fixtures.

Amidst the collection there is the one called The Pilot in form of a chandelier. It features a central stem where there are arms branch leading to different directions. It comes with fiberglass shades in curvy state just like turtle shells at glance. In order to get different effects of its shine, the light can be installed in different ways. It can deliver a direct light from above or even a starburst effect when desired and needed. Furthermore in term of its finishes there are various colors to choose including aluminum as well as powder coatings.

Meanwhile there is The Hoist as another piece of this collection from Rich Brilliant Willing. It has its form of a pendant with a long cable to be stylized and personalized further when connecting this lighting fixture to electrical outlet powering it up. It means that it is okay even if the outlet is rather far away from its location of placement, right? The light can actually be moved up and down due to a handle on it. The lamp has an aluminum shade in blue or white finish which is pretty much waterproof. The shade covers half of the light bulb that looks just right at the end. It can even be installed in any outdoor space since it is waterproof. Moreover there is the sconce version of The Hoist as well to consider. At glance those lighting fixtures may look simple although it is as beautiful as they are while also highly functional.

The Hoist Lamp Sconce Style Blue Lampshade

The Pilot Lamps Metal Frame Arms Adjustable Installation Round Wood Table Grey Sofa Grey Rug Glass Window

The Hoist Lamps Blue Lamp Shades Yellowsih Lights Pendant Style Trees

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