Porada Modular Collection of Wall Units of Storage Solution

Domino Bookcase Porada Wall Units Collection Textural Rug Wall Lamp Books Decorative Pieces Wooden Chairs Wooden Table

Storage units of today are looking good since they will have their part in boosting the beauty of any space of their placement. Obviously then the design of modern storage solutions will not just be within that current scope. There have been unique options of storage units only as this one called Porada Wall Units. It consists of 4 items in its original design that features different setups of wall storage units. It will readily be fitted into any space regardless of the style of the decoration of the space.

The collection has different names for each model to be able to distinguish each piece easily. The models are Ubiqua, Domino, Domino Expo, and My Suite. Each one of them looks different from one another that can be incorporated to store various kinds of stuff as well. The one called Domino is actually a bookcase. It is made of metal column fixed right into the wall or even the ceiling using wooden cubes or glass cubes using rotating rings. It delivers that swivel characteristic of this bookcase system. That is one reason if this item to be considered as a versatile piece of storage unit just as other models within the Porada Wall Units collection.

Meanwhile, there is the Domino Expo as well within the collection. It is made of solid oak in form of shelves. Yet it is not that container looking thing since it features a central hole running through the entire shelf. That feature allows this shelf to be modified accordingly to deal with different needs and style preferences of its owner. Well, that is amidst the reason of this item easily placed in any space.

Furthermore, the Ubiqua is a really vast storage unit with a crafted base made of solid walnut alongside metal structure as well as wood or glass shelves. It can also be tailored accordingly to meet different needs of storage solution really. Being adaptable is a decent benefit of using this piece of the Porada collection. One last item in the collection is a walk-in closet named My Suite. It is totally modular and really customizable just like the other items mentioned earlier. Shelves, cabinets, and drawers are amidst the additional accessories to add to it in different finishes for different appeal. Overall the entire items within the Porada collection are considerably customizable to ensure its maximum level of functionality and practicality for anyone using them.

Domino Bookcase Porada Wall Units Collection Textural Rug Wall Lamp Books Decorative Pieces Wooden Chairs Wooden Table

Domino Expo Shelf Porada Wall Units Collection Books Black Tubular Frame White Shelves Animal Skin Rug White Chair

Ubiqua Modular System Porada Wall Units Colelction Tubular Metal Frames Black Finished Shelves Round Textural Rug Small Stools Cream Sofa Fireplace Brown Curtain

Ubiqua Modular System Wooden Shelves Finish Black Tubular Metal Frame Round Textural Rug Patterned Chairs Books

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