Playful Balloon Clock, Bring Your Memories Back

Four Balloon Clock In Different Colors On The Wooden Floor

Every one of you must have memories of having fun with family or friends. Every one of you may have different memories. Some of you may have memories when having fun at the beach with family. Some of you may have memories of the excitement of the picnic. Some of you may have memories of the feeling of playing hide and seek when you were a child. Those kind of memories are very precious and will be unforgettable.

Today, I would like to talk about a fantastic item that will bring you back to your childhood memories. Do you remember the memories when you are playing with your family at the playing ground? The minds when played on the picnic? The item that we are going to talk about is a clock. Think about your priceless memories while looking at this clock. Such a playful and whimsy piece like this clock will send you back to the minds of parties and fun time every time you look at it. Come closer and have a look at it.

Seoul-based design studio HEARTSTORMING is the one behind this cheerful clock. They have developed a fun wall clock based on childhood memories. Every single curve is designed carefully and thoughtfully to bring a childhood memory touch for everyone who looks at it. The design is an inflated circular balloon. There are two parts of this clock, the upper parts, and the other parts. The upper parts are made of transparent material, while the other parts are available in the colors of gold, silver, copper, and white.

This kind of clock is designed to have wrinkles. Each wrinkle on the balloon has a role in representing a time marker on the clock with big and bold hands. The diameter of the Balloon Clock is 32cm, and it is done with a clean 3D pop. Such a design give a charming characteristic guarantee to any space. You may place it everywhere. You can set it in your bedroom, the living area, or even in the kitchen. A clock is fit any space because we pretty need this item as a time marker, so we will not forget about the time. Since the design of this item is very playful and cheerful, such a piece is great to be placed in the kids’ room. It will be helpful to add a fun touch to space.

A Man Attaching A Yellow Balloon Clock On The Wall

Four Balloon Clock In Different Colors On The Wooden Floor

A White Balloon Clock On The Wooden Floor Beside Three White Geometrical Statues

Four Balloon Clock In Different Colors

A Red Balloon Clock Hung On The Wall Near A Red Curtain

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