Pin Lighting Collection by Designer Ichiro Iwasaki in Simple and Minimalist Appeal

Pin Lighting Sconce Version In Whiute

Many homeowners today love to have their interior to be finished in minimalist style. Despite the minimalist look, it seems to be having its attraction compared to other styles of interior décor. The minimalist style is considered to be the perfect style for today’s houses and apartments in very limited space. It means that regardless of the available space within the interior, minimalist décor will look nice all over. So, many manufacturers and designers have their hands to support the ideas of minimalist décor by offering many items in that particular style. One small item amidst many furniture items in minimalist style out there is Pin lighting. It is simply beautiful to look at.

Designed Ichiro Iwasaki is the one creating Pin lighting collection for Vibia. Clean lines of design along with nicely shaped geometric forms can be seen there forming a perfect harmony of minimalist style of the furniture item. This lighting fixture has a domed shade in a small size that extends out in connection with the circular base of it. LED light source is there inside each light connected to the base that at the end is capable of delivering a soothing atmosphere within any interior where Pin lighting is installed.

This lighting fixture comes in three forms with a simple appeal in all of them. One form features two shades in a 90-degree angle while the other two forms come in just one shade with different lengths of the rods. Either one of the forms to choose, the basic appeal of this lighting fixture is simple with a bit of sculptural accent. It can be arranged further to match any interior decoration style of any room. That is the forms of this nice looking lighting fixture.

Furthermore, in term of the way to use it, Pin lighting fixture offers several options as well. Surprisingly it can be used as a sconce, a wall fixture, a floor light and a table light. Aside from those options, it offers different finishes as well. The finishes of Pin light to choose to include matte green, cream, black and white. Surely those options of color can be really helpful in enhancing modern style of interior décor with minimalist touches here and there. So, that is another decent option for furniture item in such minimalist design that offers beautiful appeal as well as decent functionality for any modern house today.

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