Phase8 Speaker, the Lunar Shaped Speaker

Two Grey Phase8 Speakers On The Floor

An impressive point sometimes becomes crucial to add a space because it can be a way to get the relaxing atmosphere. For you who like listening to music, a speaker can be an item that important to be had. By having a speaker, you will not only get the pleasant and relaxing feel for yourself, but you can make the whole home has the same feeling. In this kind time, I am going to tell you about a smart speaker that can be used in your home. Such a speaker will not make you disappointed, for sure. Let’s have a look at it.

Entertaining within the home has evolved to create wireless solutions and streaming, which has increased the need for stylish equipment that blurs the line between technology and artwork. The cool speaker is named the ‘Phase8’ speaker that looks like it is a planet and it belongs to the solar system.

Speakers have become an essential component in the living space. Many people like to have speakers in their living spaces to create more satisfying and relaxing feeling in the areas. Therefore, the designers have led to the design aesthetics to the new territory represented by the ‘Phase8’ speakers. This kind of speaker is designed to look like the lunar surface make it seems like belongs to space. This cool speaker can be mounted on a wall, or you may just place it on a flat surface. This will give you 360-degree hearing for a great audio experience. Maya Prokhorova is the one who provides hands for the design. You can put it somewhere proper, and it will give targeted audio just in a press of a button to ensure it is as functional as possible for the users all kinds.

The ‘Phase8′ speaker is available in black and white. Such a neutral colors that will be fit any room. The design of cosmos-like design is catching an eye. It will make your space more outstanding and can grab everybody’s attention, for sure. For you who are a fan of Star Wars must be familiar with the famous BB-8 robot. Having this cool speaker in your space will always remind you of the famous BB-8 robot. It will look very cool and thematic in your space. Do not overthink to get one. Let’s buy one and bring a unique look and ambiance to a cool speaker.

Two Phase8 Speakers On The Wall And On The Floor Near A Black Armchair

Three Shapes Of Phase8 Speakers

Two Grey Phase8 Speakers On The Floor

A Hanging Grey Phase8 Speakers

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