Perfect Rugs for Fall Themed Décor in Abstract Style

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Adding a rug to any interior décor will change the overall appeal of the interior itself. The mat can both be functional as well as decorative when inserted into any decoration. In term of choosing the right rug for interior decoration, there are many aspects to think. Size, shape, color, pattern, and material should all be appropriately considered when trying to find just the right rug for a specific area with its decoration style. Even during fall and winter times, there will be an absolute choice of the mat to enhance the décor instantly.

A creative rug in the bold appeal is offered by Peace Industry to boost the mood and the beauty of any interior décor during fall and winter times of the year. Peace Industry is specialized in felt rugs made in Iran. It has secured a partnership with Hinterland Design, Alison Damonte, Disc Interiors and Raha Raissnia recently. They are all independent designers to help to pour their creativity in finishing the collection of rugs for fall and winter seasons under the name of Peace Industry.

The collaboration agreed to take on old felt making techniques in modern approaches. That idea is intended to be able to create unique rugs at the end that unlike any other rugs produced before. Experimentation is there within the production of the fall and winter rugs of Peace Industry. Ellsworth Kelly and Sol Lewitt of Alison Damonte Collection created unusual shapes of the carpet by overlapping geometric forms. Meanwhile floating geometric shapes along with pale gray backgrounds are merged by Hinterland Design to deliver the fresh Memphis-deco appeal. Furthermore, Raha Raissnia provides post-modern appeal by playing with asymmetrical fringe and accent curves here and there. The look is slightly raw and unstructured yet beautiful at the same time.

At the final idea of taking the old ways of creating a rug in modern styles with the abstract concept in mind has been so successful in producing cool rugs. The finish is highly unexpected for a mat that is perfect to be added to any interior during fall and winter times. It will quickly go well with any style of decoration within the interior. Those who are looking for the perfect rug to beautify any interior décor should consider the fall collection of Peace Industry out of its collaboration with some decent names within the industry of Iran-made rugs today.

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