Perfect Harmony of Modern and Industrial Styles in Kitchen Furniture of Dada

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There is an easy way to get a well-designed kitchen in no time that is to purchase a kitchen set. A kitchen set is a complete set of everything that should be in a kitchen. Surely it is an easy way of setting up a kitchen. It is commonly sold in a package so that homeowners will not need to buy anything else further. Once the kitchen set is installed, then it is functional already. It is the quick solution for easy makeover and renovation. Design studio or furniture manufacturer offer commonly built-in kitchen. One thing for sure, it can be in any décor style available to choose accordingly.

About the available options of kitchen set today, the one from Dada is worth to consider when searching for a decent one. It was the masterpiece of designer Vincent Van Duysen otherwise known as VVD. This so-called VVD Kitchen offers a complete package of everything in a perfect harmony of industrial style and modern appeal. It is somewhat elegant in some ways while also highly functional in many ways. Certainly, it is a decent choice of kitchen set design for any space in modern décor.

The designed cleverly incorporates various materials to create a decent contrast in beauty. Aluminum, stone and wood veneer can be seen all over the kitchen set in total beauty. They intersect so well so that no clear distinction separating each of the materials. The linear composition is the key to combine those different materials nicely. In the end, all parts of this VVD Kitchen are streamlined and formidable.

Each one of the materials offers its benefit. The stone worktops deliver solidity and durability. The aluminum frame in ultra-thin shape has its beauty as well as the needed strength to hold everything together. Open-ended drawers, pullout trays and under top space with wood veneer can be considered to be the right storage spaces for anything needed in the kitchen. Along with it Dada offers matching glass cupboards as well as ceiling units to complete the look of any kitchen incorporating these items. In term of the available materials to choose there are natural stones, wood veneers, brushed steel and lacquered finishes. Overall this kitchen set by Vincent Van Duysen for Dada is a stylish option that will go well with either a moody or masculine décor and even better with an industrial style décor.

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Wicker Curtains Large Wooden Ceiling Beams Grey Kitchen Island Marble Top Wooden Drawers Wooden Top Table Stainless Steel Pot Gas Cooker Large Onions

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