Peaceful Feel in a Nordic Apartment in Copenhagen Finished in Modern Flair

Wooden Wall Shelving Units Coffee And Tea Display Grapes Black Teapot Black Small Bowl Patterned Tray

An apartment can be a peaceful spot when appropriately done within its décor and design. This one apartment in Copenhagen of Jan and Camilla is finished in a mix of modern and Nordic style. The result is surprisingly peaceful and calm apartment all over its corners. In term of the color scheme, it has subtle tones of the seaside in which Camilla is very fond of those. Classic Nordic appeal and modern touches work well in this living space.

It all started with the open and united area of the dining room and living room as a standard way of maximizing space in an apartment. Lights filled the room with white walls and beautiful chevron patterned flooring. A glass coffee table accompanied a reasonably large white sofa. Additional seating surfaces are there as well using the windowsill with some comfy accent pillows. That is a comfortable living room with plenty of seats. Meanwhile, black dining table surrounded by mismatched chairs can be found in the dining area. Wooden shelf, wicker lampshade, and wooden chairs add more interests to this particular space as the central living space inside this apartment.

Go to the kitchen; there is nothing but modern look to see. Wooden countertops over white cabinets accentuated by black appliances, lamps, and dishes create a perfect mix of contemporary vibe. There is a display of tea and coffee on a light wooden shelving units set. Pretty close to the kitchen is a highly comfortable reading nook providing a bit of Scandinavian appeal. Wooden bench and upholstered cushions provide the needed comfort while hidden storage space underneath is pretty functional as well. Overall that spot looks pretty fresh yet straightforward and useful for a small living space.

The master bedroom of this apartment has a grey upholstered bed with wooden log bedside tables, white chair, vintage chandelier and some graphical artworks to make it much more interesting. It can even be said to be eclectic inside the bedroom. Close to it is the master bathroom in simple flair featuring a bathtub, a towel holder, stairs, a large planter in black and a living plant. Even the bathroom has been appropriately done to look nice without sacrificing anything at all in term of its functional aspects. A small apartment like this one can be maximized in many ways to look great while also pretty useful to live.

Large Wooden Framed Wall Art Pieces White Finished Wooden Flooring Vintage Chandelier Potted Plant Log Bedside Table Black Lamp Shade Table Lamps White Chair

White Finished Wooden Corner Kitchen Cabinet Wooden Flooring Chevron Pattern Electric Cooker Black Lamp Shade Pendants Coffee Grinder Potted Plants

Large Shade Metal Tall Floor Lamp White Sofa Small Accent Colorful Pillows Wooden Flooing Chevron Pattern Glass Top Coffee Table With Wheels Wooden Wall Mounted Shelf Framed Artwork

Wooden Wall Shelving Units Coffee And Tea Display Grapes Black Teapot Black Small Bowl Patterned Tray

Comfy Reading Nook White Bench Grey Cushion Small Pillows Small Log Tables Potted Plants Books Wooden Wall Shelf Patterned Rug

Bright All White Bathroom Space Large Potted Plant White Bathroom Curtain Stainless Steel Shower Grey Bath Towel Black Towel Holder

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