Peaceful and Calm Décor of an Apartment in London

Small Fireplace With White Brick Covering White Comfy Chair Black Legs Concrete Flooring White Rug Black Modern Office Desk

Although it is a matter of personal taste and preference, having a calm and peaceful atmosphere at home is a good thing. Well, living space can even be said to be a sanctuary in which it should be highly comfortable. It should be able to help calm down the nerve after a long and tiring working day at the office. Well, that idea of having a calm and peaceful living space can be seen all around the apartment of Anna Valentine. As a fashion designer surely she is not just using the area as a living quarter but a studio as well. Therefore the décor is nothing but calm and peaceful within the scope of intense feelings of Scandinavian vibe.

The so-called background for this calm and peaceful apartment décor is the use of neutrals all around its space. That way delivers such strong vibe of Scandinavian décor as well which is perfect for a rather small area. Another thing helping this apartment to look spacious is the high ceilings inside. Lots of natural light could quickly enter the space which only enhances the neutral shades of the interior as well as chevron patterned wooden flooring for an even better appeal and the atmosphere inside.

The living room of this apartment has a large fireplace with its firewood stacked right next to it in a wall niche. A bit of textural accent can be seen upon the use of black leather upholstery for the sofa right there. Wooden coffee tables are there as well along with a comfortable wicker chair. Meanwhile, even a bit of rustic touch is there as well in the form of a basket with some branches. Even a musical instrument is there to help to accentuate the décor and to avoid the boring appeal of neutrals.

Go to the kitchen; there is an integrated dining space as well since this apartment is not a large one. Getting natural light emissions from the balcony helps this area look enlightening. White kitchen cabinets are there in pair with white marble backsplash while the dining furniture set is made of light-colored wood. That is the idea of the designer to play with some textures within the same shade of color instead of using different colors in a space. Meanwhile, the bedroom is as calm as the rest of the apartment with a white interior radiator serves as a storage surface at the same time. Graphic artworks on the wall accentuate the white bed accompanied by an apothecary cabinet, a vintage table, and some stools.

Rectangular Thick Wooden Top Dining Table Wooden Chairs White Interior Radiator White Kitchen Cabinet White Marble Countertop And Backsplash Wall Lamps White Lamp Shade

Small Fireplace With White Brick Covering White Comfy Chair Black Legs Concrete Flooring White Rug Black Modern Office Desk

Light Wooden Floor Chevron Pattern Large Wicker Basket With Decorative Branches Large Musical Instrument Piece Bright Wall Finish Small Wooden Side Table Black Table Lamp Comfy Wicker Chair

Light Wooden Framed Wall Artworks White Bed White Bedding White Interior Radiator Book Stacks Wooden Chair Wicker Storage Box

White Wall Finish White Top Office Desk Wooden Floor Chevron Patter Book Stacks Interior Radiator White Lamp Shade Table Lamp Metal Stools Wooden Surfaces

Large Black Leather Sofa Brown Leather Chair Potted Plants Firewood Stockpile Wooden Small Coffee Tables Small Wooden Chair Wicker Chair Wicker Basket With Branches

Wooden Framed Glass Window Balcony Access Round Top Vintage Pedestal Table Wooden Stools Wooden Flooring Chevron Pattern Apothecary Cabinet Decorative Greenery Wooden Chair Framed Wall Artworks

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