Parisian Apartment with an Amazing Central Island

A Bedroom With A Bed And It Is Done In White Color

Hello pals! In this great time, I would like to talk about a gorgeous apartment that may inspire you. It is a Paris apartment. This kind of dwelling is located inside a 1920s industrial building. It has been renovated and redesigned by SABO project. What makes this apartment is so unique? The answer is because the designers agreed to add to a central island which defines the whole space and serves as a partition.

The apartment itself was stripped down to be raw concrete. This choice brings the industrial heritage of the space to come up in mind. The original concrete ceilings and walls were left just the way they were to bring a chic and gorgeous industrial atmosphere to all spaces. The central island serves as a buffer zone between the entrance, the central living area, and the dressing room. It divides these areas very successfully in a smart way.

The kitchen and the living room is located in a space with a concrete ceiling and pillars. Let’s see them one by one. The kitchen is done with sleek grey cabinets, a geometric tile backsplash, and several hanging lamps from the concrete ceiling on a red cord. A long wooden console table is added to separate the dining space from the living room. Now, let’s see at the living room. In the living room, you may see a black sofa, a cold glass coffee table, and some storage furniture. Such a great idea to make a chic living room with that kind of furniture.

A bedroom is crucial in a dwelling because it is a room where people relax themselves every time. In this fantastic apartment, the bedroom is located on the central island as the unique point of this apartment. The bedroom is painted with white color and fill with sleek storage cabinets, a large bed, and a wall covered with polycarbonate panels. Those panels have a job to bring the lights into the space as much as possible. Besides the bedroom, one more part of the tube is a bathroom clad with white penny tiles. The floor is done in green and white colors. The central island does not only provide a bedroom, but there is also another bedroom inside. This bedroom is built to provide a relaxing room for guests. The central island of this apartment is extraordinary and make this dwelling special.

A Room Consists Of A Black Sofa With Colorful Cushions, A Wooden Dining Table With Wooden Chairs, A Wooden Storage, And Aluminum Shutters With Many Doors

A Man Open An Industrial Chic And A Lamp Hang At The Ceiling

A Wooden Dining Table With Some Cups And A Bowl Of Fruits On It Covered By A Blue And White Tablecloth

The Aluminum Shutters

A Room Consists Of A Black Sofa With Colorful Cushions, A Wooden Dining Table With Wooden Chairs, And A Wooden Storage

A Bed With Colorful Blanket And A Pot Near It Placed Near The Ceiling

A Bedroom With A Bed And A Side Table That Is Done In White Color

A White Stairway Near A Ceiling

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