Parallel Universe Furniture Collection in Minimalist Style by Henri Judin

The Y=mx B Of Parallel Universe Furniture Collection By Henri Judin

There have been many ideas of minimalist furniture that can still be eye-catchy pieces in any interior space. Well, the fact that minimalist décor has its fans in numbers today is one reason that there are more and more options for minimalist pieces of furniture. It is true that even minimalist looking furniture pieces can be the focal points of any interior space when appropriately placed. There is the so-called Parallel Universe collection of Henri Judin that can be included within the group of beautiful yet minimalist furniture items to consider for any modern themed space.

This latest collection of Henri Judin features optical illusions as for its main attraction. Identical pairs of each item within the collection have a similar shape in opposing lines. The contrasting effect of horizontal and vertical elements of the Parallel Universe collection is unlike anything else. It is visually different from one another that makes it really unique and eye-catchy while being minimalist at the same time to beautifully complete modern interior spaces.

Clearly, there are several different items there within the collection of Parallel Universe designed by Henri Judin. One of the items is the so-called Liquorice chairs made of powder-coated bent steel rods. Basically, it resembles the look of a licorice candy in which its stacked state with one another will create a kind of grid. Meanwhile, there is the shelving unit as well under that same name. It features horizontal and vertical rods forming a licorice-like appeal all over it. Meanwhile, in term of a table, there are the so-called Sun & Moon tables with twisted flat steel bars as the base. That build of the base creates circular optical illusions to enjoy at any time.

Another piece is having an even more unique name of the y=mx+b lamp. Well, that rather complicated name offers a minimalist design of black bars combined with two movable middle bars. The bottom is folded out actually to stabilize the lamp itself. Meanwhile, the top section of the bar can be raised for different ways in using the light. Overall the design idea of this collection by Henri Judin is pretty unusual but will definitely be perfect to fill any modern interior space. Aside from the unique appeal of the items within the Parallel Universe collection, the function is another important thing since they are all highly versatile and practical at the same time.

The Liquorice Chairs Of Parallel Universe Furniture Colelction By Henri Judin

Liquorice Shelving Units Of Parallel Universe Furniture Collection By Henri Judin

Sun And Moon Tables By Henri Judin Parallel Universe Collection Of Furniture Black Finished Square Surfaces

The Y=mx B Of Parallel Universe Furniture Collection By Henri Judin

The Sun And Mood Tables Of Parallel Universe Furniture Collection Of Henri Judin

Parallel Universe Collection Of Furniture Of Henri Judin Steel Bars Base Chairs Tables Shelves Floor Lamp

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