Unique Furniture Collection that Displays Natural Patterns and Textures of Wood

Bringing the idea of nature into the scope of interior décor is always a nice idea. There will be many ways to add more natural elements to any interior space as an attraction with better functionality. Wood is one of the popular options to consider when bringing natural aspects ...

2 years ago Adelar Moritz


Modern Lounger Best Options for Modern Outdoor Spaces

Choosing and using just the right piece of furniture is important to maximize the function of any space. The fact that even tight spaces can be maximized just by picking the right items means that choosing the items to get is very important. Loungers are available in so many ...

2 years ago Genoveva Hamburger

Interior Design

Peaceful Feel in a Nordic Apartment in Copenhagen Finished in Modern Flair

An apartment can be a peaceful spot when appropriately done within its décor and design. This one apartment in Copenhagen of Jan and Camilla is finished in a mix of modern and Nordic style. The result is surprisingly peaceful and calm apartment all over its corners. In term of ...

2 years ago Monica Himmler


Eppich House as a Display of Modernist Classic Appeal

A unique house is more than just a house with unique décor. Its basic design and even its location can determine whether a house is a unique one or not. This one house called Eppich House is an example of a unique house in its design, look, and location. ...

2 years ago Max Schott

Interior Design

A Concrete House Connected to the Surroundings Using Glass Walls

The use of glass is very close to modern style decoration and design of any residential houses. Thus it is pretty common for modern houses to have even glass walls like this one house in Switzerland. Well, this house by MLZD Architecture is made of concrete mostly with lots ...

2 years ago Anton Ehrlinger

Interior Design

The Hoke House in Portland Oregon by Skylab Architecture

Designing a residential house is pretty much limitless thing to do. There is anything that can be used as the basic idea of the design just as this one house called Hoke House. Skylab Architecture that features angular design has just done this house. There is a cantilevered section ...

2 years ago Adelmar Rommel

Interior Design

Glamorous and Luxurious Mix of Interior Décor in a Nordic Apartment

A highly creative person named Petra Tungarden designed her own apartment to look totally awesome. The basic style of decoration is definitely Nordic style although there are some twists to enjoy within the interior. Being a Metro fashion and home editor, a stylist, blogger and entrepreneur means that she ...

2 years ago Marvin Reitter


Best Choices of Outdoor Furniture Items from IKEA

It is not a secret anymore that IKEA is a highly popular brand in the scope of home furnishing and interior decoration. Well, it includes the thing of outdoor spaces as well since IKEA has some of the best options for outdoor furniture items as well. During the warm ...

2 years ago Gertrudis Eisenmann


Using L-Shaped Benches in Outdoor Spaces for Practical Reasons

Specific items may well be better than the others in different areas when it comes to furniture pieces. Outdoor space will need a different set of furniture items compared to interior spaces. Moreover, when space is rather tight, practical reasons should be there in the first considerations to make. ...

2 years ago Franziska Breslauer


Ideas to Maximize Outdoor Dining Area Easily

Dining space does not always there inside a house. Having an outdoor dining space can be fun. Either there is another dining space inside it is the only dining space around, the décor and layout of the dining space are crucial. It will undoubtedly be different in term of ...

2 years ago Albin Neuhaeuser