Interior Design

A Beautiful Apartment in Classic Swedish Style with Neutral Colors All Over It

Going classic in term of interior decoration can never be wrong. Even a classic Swedish décor style can look good in a rather modern space as this apartment in Gothenburg. Overall it is flooded with light in every corner of it which will attract any Scandinavian style lover out ...

2 years ago Gerold Redlich


Highly Practical Round Top Mellow Side Table with Speakers and Chargers

A modern piece of furniture item is commonly pretty practical in many ways. It often serves many different functions at once. The fact that more functions in one item are better affects the development of design concerning modern furniture items. It could be even better when the functions of ...

2 years ago Franziska Breslauer


Best Choices of Hammock for Comfortable Nap

Picking one of many options of the hammock to get the most comfortable outdoor nap could b a tricky thing. All of them look pretty much the same at a glance, right? Well, some of them may look slightly better in term of the appearance regardless of the comfort ...

2 years ago Erhard Feuerstein

Interior Design

The Tribeca Loft by Elizabeth Bolognino with Lots of Artwork to Admire

Bringing the beauty of artworks into interior decoration is not an everyday thing. It can still be awesome when artworks are the main theme of an interior. That is the thing inside the so-called Tribeca Loft designed by Elizabeth Bolognino. It certainly homes to an art collector since artworks ...

2 years ago Anton Ehrlinger

Home Decor

Unique Lighting Collection by Hugo Tejada named Organica for Modern Spaces

Modern dwellings are commonly associated with uniqueness in many ways. The fact that modern houses have a calm and minimalist appeal means that anything placed there should be unique to catch the attention of anyone inside the space. Well, today there have been many great items in such unique ...

2 years ago Albrecht Schulhoff


Beautifying Kitchen Space with Wall Décor Items

The kitchen is a space that should be both functional and beautiful at the same time. Many ways can be done to beautify just about any kitchen. Even simple ideas when done properly will enhance the overall appeal of any kitchen in no time. One of the easy ways ...

2 years ago Adrian Lichtenfels


Compact Hut from Muji as a Movable Holiday Home

Some people may not be able to buy or build holiday homes in the beach or retreat cottages in the countryside. That is the main thing concerned by Muji as a brand of home-goods. That concern leads to a decent product of prefab home for anyone with the tight ...

2 years ago Adelmar Rommel


Unique Furniture Collection that Displays Natural Patterns and Textures of Wood

Bringing the idea of nature into the scope of interior décor is always a nice idea. There will be many ways to add more natural elements to any interior space as an attraction with better functionality. Wood is one of the popular options to consider when bringing natural aspects ...

2 years ago Adelar Moritz


Modern Lounger Best Options for Modern Outdoor Spaces

Choosing and using just the right piece of furniture is important to maximize the function of any space. The fact that even tight spaces can be maximized just by picking the right items means that choosing the items to get is very important. Loungers are available in so many ...

2 years ago Genoveva Hamburger

Interior Design

Peaceful Feel in a Nordic Apartment in Copenhagen Finished in Modern Flair

An apartment can be a peaceful spot when appropriately done within its décor and design. This one apartment in Copenhagen of Jan and Camilla is finished in a mix of modern and Nordic style. The result is surprisingly peaceful and calm apartment all over its corners. In term of ...

2 years ago Monica Himmler