Cool Media Consoles and Cabinets in Modern Style

Adding a media console or cabinet in a living room or any space will enhance the overall décor of that area. It is useful to place TV mainly as well as some decorative items and collectibles, right? Overall it will improve that particular area where it is set especially ...

2 years ago Nick Lasch

Interior Design

Modern House Made of Concrete and Wood named House Carrara

Concrete is a standard material to be used in house construction in some places. The actual finish may not be necessarily concrete though. Surprisingly concrete can be highly appealing in the form of finish for any living space. It may well be considered as an industrial appeal by going ...

2 years ago Ole Haselrieder


An Armchair with Storage from Bla Station Named Pocket

A multifunctional piece of furniture is a hot trend today. More and more homeowners prefer to have one item that could provide more than one function. Commonly there are chairs with storage, benches with storage, or even tables with storage. Some other things could be featuring adjustable components so ...

2 years ago Regina Grothmann


Modern Outdoor Lamps in Cool Design and Shape

Outdoor items should not be ugly even if they have to be concerning more on functional and durability aspect. Well, the recent trend is that even modern outdoor pieces in any form are offering great appeal alongside durable characteristic. These modern outdoor lamps are just some examples of cool ...

2 years ago Walpurgis Hegeler

Interior Design

Soft and Welcoming Provence Décor Style of a Townhouse to Admire

The so-called Provence style of interior décor is somewhat rare although it is gaining its popularity right now. Overall the things that make it getting more and more popular are the soft appeal and welcoming vibe of this décor style. Well, there is a townhouse having its size at ...

2 years ago Wanja Henzler


Beautiful Stratified Colors Gradient of the Escape Furniture Collection

Playing with colors is one of many ways to create a beautiful appeal of anything. Furthermore, the addition of textures to accompany unique colors could be enhancing the overall appeal of anything at the end. The key is to do it correctly in mixing them. A collection of furniture ...

2 years ago Wolfram Schulberg


Coolest Collections of Outdoor Furniture for Any Outdoor Space Enhancement

Adding just the right pieces of furniture into an outdoor space will affect the area significantly. Both the look and the function of outdoor space can be maximized further away when the furniture items are the perfect one. Concerning that matter, these are some of the most refreshing options ...

2 years ago Heine Grau

Interior Design

An Open Layout Apartment Interior Space with Bright Décor to Enjoy

Having the total space of just 48 square meters does not mean that this particular apartment cannot be looking good. Well, it has just about everything from a beautiful appearance to practical function and high level of comfort for a couple to live. It is located in Barcelona in ...

2 years ago Marvin Reitter


A Unique Bedroom Décor with Graphic Floral Printed Wallpaper

A bedroom is a place that should be unique to reflect its owner. There have been many great ideas and inspirations out there to help people creating their sanctuary in the bedroom. Anything inside a bedroom can be personalized to get just the only one appeal and atmospheres like ...

2 years ago Ole Haselrieder


Outdoor Fire Bowls and Pits to Buy Right Now

Outdoor space will not be a decent one without a fireplace. It does not have to be a grand one made of stone though to be having a suitable outdoor atmosphere. There are many items of small or compact fire pits and bowls that can be the best way ...

2 years ago Max Schott