Outstanding Ocean View from a Nicely Designed Thai Villa

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A villa is a beautiful place to spend a quality holiday for sure. It can be built in many areas although some areas are considered to be more favorable by people. One of the accessible regions to construct a villa is an oceanfront area. There have been many villas that can be found in ocean fronts which are favored by many visitors. Well, there is a Thai villa located in an oceanfront with a pretty decent view of the ocean. It sits on a massive rock, to be honest. It is outstanding both from the outside and the inside.

The villa is called 180 Samui with its character as a horizontal villa having low roof-lines. Sicart & Smith Architects designed it with the purpose of creating a decent view of the villa and outside as well. It was designed and organized pretty well to be an excellent looking infinity edge pool as the centerpiece of the building. Such dramatic feel can be experienced there with the pool having three-sided infinity edge. Right at that point, there is a perfect mix of sea, sky and the lake itself. It will feel like the pool is floating in midair.

Five bedrooms are inside the villa to accommodate a medium group of guests. There are myriad of facilities inside the villa including a rooftop terrace, a gym, and a spa area. Primarily it offers a range of enjoyable matters to complete the holiday there. Meanwhile around the excellent pool as its centerpiece is the open kitchen area as well as pool lounge with library. Both leisure and pleasure can be experienced around the interior of the villa.

In term of the décor, it looks a pretty subtle variation of tones. The result is a beautiful interior décor without compromising practical matters. Black and cream tones alongside polished and raw finishes are combined and grouped within the interior. Built-in features can be found in most of the furniture items. The sofa sinks to the floor when seated to ensure a clear view of the outside. The bed is placed in the center of the bedroom or better space use. It comes with only a little bit of aquamarine accents just to make sure that it connects to the ocean very well. )

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