Origami Chair by Uria Graver for a Unique Geometric Appeal

Industrial Design Chair Joints Metal Sheet Surface

Unique ideas and designs in interior decoration could come in many ways. It could be the use of furniture with really unique characteristics or even just the use of unique furniture within the decoration. Today it is somewhat easier to go unique within interior decoration since there are so many options of furniture with unique design. Sofa, side table, chair, shelf and even drawers can be designed to be as unique as possible such as the one chair called Origami Chair.

Well, this one chair named Origami Chair is designed by Uria Graver. The name implies the look of a piece of origami while it is actually a chair. Clearly that is a remarkably unique look for a chair that will be perfect for many styles of decoration. It may not be foldable as real origami, but this chair has an authentic look of finished origami. Clearly at first glance this chair is recognizable to be using an origami design. More designers are actually considering the style of origami for their furniture products today.

The result of origami concept as interpreted by Uria Graver is this iconic looking chair. It offers a pretty sharp lines and edges all over the chair. Sharp lines along with sharp edges form geometric design within this chair. There are accents as if the seating surface is a folded piece of paper that somehow resembles the ideal shape of a seating. The legs are made of metal pipe for sure while the seating surface is made of metal sheet. So it might be better to get a piece of cushion to add more comfort when using this chair. It is functional and stylish, but the comfort level may not be too high on this one.

The pipe for the legs is bended accordingly to follow the shape of the seating surface. It is intended that the industrial accent can be found there within the combination of the shape of metal legs and the seating surface of metal sheet. This unique looking chair will be perfect for a modern space with a bit of industrial accent. It features a geometric style as well which is considered to be a popular one today. Those who love to have unique furniture should really consider getting this one. At the end, this Origami Chair is a unique and stylish chair to consider regardless of its comfort level.

Geometric Chair Origami Design Grey Black Legs Concrete Floor White Wall

Stable Pipe Legs Black Rear View Origami Chair Grey Metal Surface

Origami Chair Grey Surface Metal Black Metal Pipe Legs White Wall Brick Concrete Floor

Industrial Design Chair Joints Metal Sheet Surface

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