Olson Forest Cabin, United with Nature

A Cabin With Lights Looked From Outside

Having your time in a cabin in the middle of a forest is really relaxing because you can release your stress out. Therefore, it is very important to choose a cabin which is very comfy and relaxing. Today I would like to talk about a cabin which is really amazing and comfy, so stay in your place and follow me.

A bunkhouse was built by Jim Olson in 1930s. Unfortunately, there was a fire accident and this house is the one and only piece that was left. When he became an architect, he decided to make some changes to the house. He adds some rooms and renovate the house several times. Although some renovations have done by himself, the previous structure was still integrated into the new one. Wanna see it now? Let’s have a look at it!

The cabin consists of three small pavilions. The three pavilions are linked by some wooden platforms under a unifying roof. The whole structure of it is grounded onto the hillside. Many rooms were added time by time. Until this time, the house is 2400 square feet. The cabins are deliberately styled in color and texture, allowing it to recede into the forest and are subject to the beauty of the landscape. Olson used very simple materials to renovate this house. He only used wood, plywood, recycled boards, and steel. Although the cabin only uses the simple material, it does work! The look is really amazing and fabulous.

Now, let’s take a look at the interior. The interiors are looked quite simple. The style of them is the mixture of modern and rustic at the same time. There are a lot of light-colored wood with plywood and concrete for the home decor. That kind of material mixture highlight the cabin and it really shows the point of a woodland cabin. Glazed walls cover every space in this cabin. There are one or two oversized windows in order to catch the views of the forest. Besides, the oversized windows also help the owners to connect with nature. Each room has lots of natural light. The wood which becomes the main material make it better and really bring comfy and relaxing atmosphere. A series of terraces or small verandas provide space for everyone to enjoy the stunning natural scenery. Are you curious enough to see it? Let’s go down and get inspired!

A Forest Views Looked From The Large Window

A Bed With Grey And Orange Blanket And Some Colorful Pillows In The Middle Of Book Shelves Full Of Books

A Cabin With Lights Looked From Outside

A Forest Views Looked From The Glazed Wall Room With Grey Sofas And A Wooden Table

A Large Bed In A Wooden Walls Room

A Wooden Room Features Sofa With Cushions, Chairs, A Wooden Table, And A Large Bookshelf Full Of Books

A Wooden Table And Two Wooden Chairs In A Corner Of A Room

The Terrace Of The Cabin In The Middle Of A Forest

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