NeverEnding Table in Round and Circular Design

Neverending Table Wood Material Circular Design Curved Sides Round Base Round Top Baby

Within the rapidly changing and developing an environment of interior décor and home design, the word unique is considered essential. It is perfectly true that there are many unique furniture items today to consider upon purchasing. Some of them may offer jaw-dropping designs that look like nothing else. Well, amidst those items there have been some highly successful items on the market. Some others may not be as popular as them though. Creativity is the key to designing and creating unique items for interior décor without compromising the function of them at all.

Geometric design has its fans all over the globe. Some homeowners even prefer to have they’re interiorly beautified in geometric designs. There are many items in geometric design as well in which a table named NeverEnding is just one fine example of unique furniture item with geometric design. It features a pure and perfect geometric shape of a circle. At a glance, the table is just like a letter O from its side. Thus it looks just like a decorative item instead of a functional item. In fact, it is a highly functional item with just the right design and shape of a circle.

The circular design of the NeverEnding table of Ola Giertz makes it pretty easy to combine with any style of interior décor. It is widely known in the design world that circle is the purest form. There is no exact beginning and ending in a circle. That is one important reason for a circle being so beautiful in any form of items. Well, the construction of the table features nothing more than circles. It combines two circular surfaces with rounded sides. So both its top and bottom are circular while its curved sides bring it to a circular shape as well in its side view.

Aside from just being functional, it is so beautiful that it has its deep meaning. The rounded form of the table resembles limitlessness without any end at all. Balance, as well as transparency, can be seen in its overall round form. Meanwhile, the circular top has its decent functions for sure. It further displays the foot that meets the floor while the one opposite is the same shape as the foot of the table. Molded ash veneers construction is the key that the design and build of this table are so seamless and edgy.

Neverending Table Circular Shape Wood Material Round Tops Round Base Curved Sides

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Neverending Table Wood Material Circular Design Curved Sides Round Base Round Top Baby

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