Nature-Inspired High-Tech Lamp Design Named Light of Hope

Light Of Hope Table Lamp Tube Glass Cover Bright Orange Light Grey Base

Today it is undeniable that more nature-inspired things to find within the scope of interior decoration and house design. The fact that more and more people love to get closer to nature today is one of many reasons for nature-inspired things getting popular. Well, another thing about this matter is that environmental and ecological concerns rise all the way high today. More people are getting more aware of the actual situation and condition of the nature today, and so they embrace nature-inspired things in their interior decoration. Many items that can be placed in any interior décor offer nature-inspired design in such unique appeal at the end. Even in the form of light bulb, there are many options in nature-inspired appeal.

Three designers are offering a sweet and straightforward looking light bulb based on nature-inspired design. Sofia Christidou, Mitja Schneehage, and Michael Wilde combine their ideas to produce a beautiful looking light bulb with the name of Light of Hope. Well, a unique looking piece of lighting like this one is pretty reasonable to have an iconic name like that. It serves its primary purpose to be a lighting fixture as well as a reminder that human should be aware of nature especially today. How can it be like that in just a piece of a lamp?

Well, it was made of charcoal taken from many burned rainforests around the globe. That is a decent way of reminding people all over the world that such thing should be stopped. People need to get together and work things out to preserve the earth. The main idea at the start when this lamp was designed is that about 78 million acres of rainforests throughout the globe are destroyed each year. Only time erodes until there’s no one else at all.

In term of the build of the light, it is done in an eco-friendly installation. It features modern technology that is pretty much environmentally friendly. Furthermore, the actual appeal of the lamp itself pretty much resembles a standing tree. Well, it can be considered to be the resemblance of one last tree of the earth and that it should not be like that. The Light of Hope should always be the reminder that the future of the planet should not be as portrayed in the lamp with just one the last tree left.

Charcoal Base Light Of Hope Table Lamp Glass Tube Shade Orange Light

Bright Orange Lights Light Of Hope Table Lamp Interior

Light Of Hope Table Lamp Tube Glass Cover Bright Orange Light Grey Base

Sculptural Tree Like Light Source Light Of Hope Table Lamp Interior

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