Nature Inspired Gadgets Charger Named Solar Suntree by Ryan McSorley

The Solar Suntree Battery Charger Wooden Tree Like Base Solar Panels

Going back to nature is a somewhat popular idea that many people are embracing at the moment. It means that there are many things in human life today that are inspired by nature. One of them is actually within the scope of technology with the possible idea of view to be implemented. The power of solar is a smart solution today. It can be used to control many things with some successful attempts already in making use of solar energy. Even today there is a battery charger for gadgets that run on solar power. The so-called Solar Suntree charger is a battery charger for devices that has its power from the sunlight.

It is inevitable that today people are getting closer and closer to gadgets. It means that battery charger is a crucial element of modern life today. In that matter, Ryan McSorley has a smart idea to bring the concept of nature into a piece of the battery charger. The result is a battery charger called Solar Suntree with several solar panels attached to it. As a battery charger, of course, its primary function is definitely to charge batteries of gadget whenever needed. It comes with its mini USB cable which is pretty much compatible with most devices of today. Underneath its unique shape, it has a 1350mAh rechargeable battery to be the source of power for many devices.

Well, the idea of creating a solar powered battery charger for gadgets is not the only thing about this Solar Suntree battery charger. Its design is a unique one which is highly eye-catchy to be added to any space. It is a table charger in the form of a tree with some branches. The solar panels are attached to the branches as in a real tree. The base of this charger is a white box where the electrical components are delivering the power from its solar panels through a USB port. In total it has nine solar panels placed beautifully in its branches just like leaves of a tree.

Furthermore, the available options for this charger include the lighter and darker finish to accommodate different style preferences. In short, it can even be considered to be like a potted plant that will boost any space where it is placed. In a modern space, it is a decent piece of practical and beautiful thing to add. A battery charger has never been this beautiful, right?

The Solar Suntree Battery Charger Cool Looking Design Small Decorative Plant Like Design Small Solar Panels

The Solar Suntree Battery Charger Compact Design White Square Base Wooden Arms Solar Panels Potted Plant

The Solar Suntree Battery Charger With 9 Solar Panels

The Solar Suntree Battery Charger Wooden Tree Like Base Solar Panels

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