Nature Inspired Décor of a Contemporary Residential House

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Getting closer to nature does not mean that a trip to forests or mountains has to be commenced. Within the massive scope of interior decoration, it is a simple thing to do to get closer to nature even just by being at home. How can it be as simple as that? Well, only by implementing nature aspects within any interior decoration then surely getting closer to Mother Nature is not that hard anymore. It will be about the look and also the feel of nature within any interior décor to achieve. So, there is the MF+Arquitetos with its recently finished residential house interior design featuring as many nature aspects as possible within the decoration.

The design is based on the idea of creating a formal purity with the perfect integration of exterior and interior spaces for better living. It features contemporary appeal with many aspects of nature being brought into the décor. Textured woods can be seen in the décor as one of the natural elements there. Wooden screens are there to allow natural light to get inside the interior surfaces creating unique geometric patterns at the end. That is just the start of the beauty of this residential house décor.

Meanwhile, both the kitchen and the bathroom features different walls compared to the rest of the interior area of the house. They are actually in white-veined dark marble finish. Clean and sharp lines are highlighted within the overall decoration. That matter is dealt with the presence of a new looking greenery wall along the back wall. It is another decent nature element to be seen in the beautiful décor of this house. The greeneries are not just so refreshing bot lighten the interior appeal. They look even more beautiful when reflecting natural light.

This project of MF+Arquitetos is called the refuge since it features simple features here and there in such form purification by integrating many natural elements within the decoration. Earthy tones can also be seen there within the decoration as another nature appeal within this interior decoration project. Wood, marble, stone, concrete and of course the greeneries are all there to work together in creating a perfect beauty of decoration. It is pretty clear now that even a contemporary residential house can be integrated well with natural elements. It is the best way to get the nature elements closer to modern life without having to go to quality really.

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Green Living Walls White Sink Square Wooden Side Table White Towels Framed Pictures Black Toilet Round Small Table Bookfloating Wooden Vanity Wooden Screen Separators

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