Natural Touches in Minimalist Holiday Home

A Wooden Working Table With Books, A Lamp, And A Vase Of Flowers On It, Paired With A Chair And Placed Under A Window

Styles of a home might be very various. It can be minimalist, modern, industrial, mid-century, and so on. This time I would like to talk about a home in minimalist style. If you love minimalist style, you probably want this eye-candy outside of New York City which is designed by Ronen Lev. The residence is called Amagansett. There is a modern Hamptons weekend home for a family which consists of six members, and it will be used along the year. The owners wanted a simple place with natural touches. With the smart idea from the architect and the right choice of furniture, it becomes incredible. Are you ready to look at this gorgeous home? Let’s have a look at this!

The home is designed in open-concept. Because of it, the architects played with a visual look to separate the spaces by using numerous materials for the flooring. Making the home visually look more substantial, it is flooded with white colour. There are two rows of large windows as the access for light to come through and they can be a way for the owners to enjoy the views outside. The architects do not forget to highlight the double height ceilings. The nuance which is built around the house is relaxing nuance. The owners wanted that all furniture reflect that relaxing nuance, so there is much natural wood applied to the home décor and the very comfortable upholstery.

The main point of the home is the focal point. It features a fireplace which is built from a smooth black slate. Beside the fire, there is some natural wood furniture in cream and navy colours, and the navy chairs feature velvet which is incredibly comfy and stylish.

Another space I am going to talk about is the master bedroom. This space is built to be a calming and peaceful place like an oasis. The room is painted in creamy, white, and beige shades. An upholstered bed, a rug, and some draperies are appropriately placed in the room. This arrangement has the aim to cover the windows for creating some privacy. Although the room is flooded with light colours that make it look neutral, there is a bold look in this room. It comes from a dark wood mid-century modern sideboard and nightstand which are placed in the right positions. Wanna look more of this fantastic house? Let’s go down and be amazed!

A Round Table With Some Vases And A Book On It, And Some Chairs Around It, Placed On A Rug At The End Of The Stairway

A Living Room Features Navy Sofas With Cushions, Grey Sofas With Cushions, A Wooden Table With Books On It, A Rug, A Lamp, And A TV On A Desk With Some Pots And Candles On It

A Bedroom Features A Bed With Pillows And Blankets, A Rug, A Bench Under The Window, And Some Cabinets

A Wooden Stair In Connect Two Level Of Room With Wooden Ceiling And Industrial Lamp Hung On It

A Brick Wall Home In Warm Light Looked From Theoutside

A Wooden Working Table With Books, A Lamp, And A Vase Of Flowers On It, Paired With A Chair And Placed Under A Window

A Tableside With A Vase, A Glass, And Some Books On It Placed Near A White Bed With White Pillows

A Wooden Dining Table With Vases On It, Some Chairs Around It, And Three Black Lamps Over It

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