Multifunctional Furniture Items for Modern Living

Flop Chair By Elena Sidorova Foldable Seating Unit In Bold Yellow Finish

Furniture items that could offer more than one function are popular today. Many modern dwellers consider the use of multifunctional items to be highly efficient and beneficial. There will be fewer items needed to be owned that could use more floor spaces in a tight living space of today. Thus, picking up the best possible options for multifunctional items is crucial. These are some of the best to consider today.

Pulse Daybed by Noidoi is solid oak furniture to consider when looking for a multifunctional furniture item. The surface of this daybed is made of Norwegian wool mattress that will guarantee the comfort level when using it. A section of it can be folded back to show a hatch covering a magazine shelf right below it in which the hatch can be removed to be used as a serving tray. The Dollhouse chair as designed by Koichi Suzuno and Alicia Straczynski of the Torafu Architects is another decent option. The seat can be split to reveal a dollhouse inside with its hidden compartment to be used as toy storage. This kids’ seat is a multifunctional one, right?

Next option is Flop Chair designed by Elena Sidorova that is spacious and comfortable at the same time. This chair can easily be altered to form a tween bed with storage spaces to store pillows, sheets, and comforters inside. Meanwhile, Simone Simonelli offers the practical furniture items called Maisonette in the form of mobile storage items. It has a decent look of varnished solid alder wood in combination with iron rods to deliver modern accent within any modern space in need of storage units. Next item is Cristallo table by Resource Furniture that offers wood, glass, slate, and reclaimed pine finish to choose. It is a multifunctional table that could be adjusted to serve different purposes including a coffee table as well as a dining table.

The so-called convertible furniture by Julia Kononenko is a smart piece of furniture in the form of a sofa for a living room. It can be transformed into a small dining table with six stools to deliver the maximum level of comfort and practicality at the same time. Another option is the Woodieful Chair in which its original stool form can easily be changed to be a nightstand, a table, or even a shelf accordingly. It looks good as well aside from just highly functional like that. Those who need a private and comfortable reading room will love the Openbook Chair by Studio Tilt. It is a reading chair with a built-in shelf to showcase books and magazines.

Next couple of items will include this one called Sweet Seat by Dear Human as an affordable seating that can be transformed to be a bed. It is highly perfect for those who live alone in a small modern space with the ultimate need of comfortable rest after long working hours. One last choice is called Herb which is a set of living space. There is a sofa in the middle of a shelf and a side table with a plant on it. There is even a light hung on the shelf over the sofa for additional lighting whenever needed.

Pulse By Noidoi Multifunctional Daybed Wooden Frame Wool Cushion

Cristallo Table By Resource Furniture Wooden Top Metal Legs Adjustable Table

Sweet Seat By Dear Human Colorful Finishes Striped Blanket

Dollhouse Chair By Torafu Architects Bold Red And Natural Wooden Finish Round Ryg Littlw Girl Sitting Books Toys Clock

Maisonette Furniture By Simone Simonelli Metal Base Frame Wooden Cover Glass Surface Books Blue Shirt

Convertible Furniture By Julia Kononenko Wooden Adjustable Bench Grey And Green Cushions Teacups Decorative Greenery

Openbook Chair By Studio Tilt Books Black Adjustable Lamp Teacup Laptop Decorative Greenery Wooden Flooring

Flop Chair By Elena Sidorova Foldable Seating Unit In Bold Yellow Finish

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