Modular Furniture of Movisi that Looks Like Pieces of Lego

Grow Furniture Collection Black Finish Wall Mounted Shelving Unites Yellow Fridge Wood Table Grey Chairs Wood Countertop Pendant Lamps

Customization is always a thing that many people love to do. Things that can be customized easily upon their purchase will attract more people to buy. Obviously the benefit of customizing things as mentioned is to suit different needs of the things. Well, in term of furniture items some products can be customized in a wide range to maximize the functions of the items really. The furniture collection of Movisi named Grow is just one perfect example of such thing that can be customized in its use to get the best function out of it. Sounds like fun?

The basic idea of this Grow collection is modular furniture system in which a component can be attached to others in a simple and easy way. It can be said to be having a similarity as Lego pieces that can be assembled in so many ways to create different things. Freedom to build furniture items that are needed to fit specific spaces is the key element of this Grow collection. Surely its owners can be having a more personalized piece of furniture unlike anything else that will fit their specific needs, right?

It is true that the main thing that constructs this furniture collection is just a single component. That particular element can be arranged to create specific items according to the needs of its owners. Put simply the component can be used to create storage, seating, or even room divider. No tools needed in combining and joining the component to one another so that everyone will surely be able to get it done properly. The component itself is made of lightweight expanded polypropylene. That thing is actually foam with the characteristic of plastic. In short, that particular material is sturdy, waterproof, antibacterial, and impact-resistant. It means that the Grow furniture will be able to last for a long time.

Overall the things included in the basic package of Grow should consist of connectors, bases, and back pieces. The back pieces function as stabilizers so that the assembled item will be functional to store things. Furthermore, its look is pretty straightforward that makes it really perfect for modern décor of any space. It is a really clever idea to create highly customizable furniture items that will really be maximized by different users. The Grow furniture collection of Movisi should be considered to be a great addition to any modern living space.

Grow Furniture Collection Black Finish Wall Mounted Shelving Unites Yellow Fridge Wood Table Grey Chairs Wood Countertop Pendant Lamps

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