Modular Children Furniture Collection from Alexander Seifert

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A type of furniture items that can be transformed to perform other functions aside from their original functions is highly beneficial. The use of such items will greatly reduce the use of floor space in any interior space since one item could deliver multiple functions. Well, in the popular modern style decor there are so many choices of furniture items featuring features that can be changed. One collection of furniture in transformable type which is designed specifically for kids is there under the name of Famille Garage. It is a set of furniture items for kids designed by Alexander Seifert for kids.

The main idea of creating this collection of the modular type of furniture items for kids is that the items will follow the growth of the kids. Thus there is no need to buy a new set of furniture for the kids once they are getting bigger and bigger. The set of Famille Garage furniture for Richard Lampert features several items that are all adjustable. Each one within the collection can be adjusted to adapt the changes and growth of the kids using the furniture. Storage, sleeping, shelving and seating units are included within the set of Famille Garage furniture collection.

An example of the item is a changing table in which the top surface can be altered to be a craft table for the kids once they have grown. Meanwhile, the lower section of the table could be altered to form a set of legs for a bench. On the other hand, the actual storage space of the changing table can still be used as a shelving unit. There is a beautiful changing mat made of bi-colored faux leather alongside blue fabric with decorative buttons included as well for a more interesting appeal of the changing table when in use.

Once the kids are getting bigger, the use of the furniture items may well be changing. The drawers will simply be the storage solution for toys. The actual item for that purpose comes in yellow, green, red, blue, or transparent boxes made of food-safe polypropylene. Functionality is not only the thing given the most attention in the making of this furniture collection. The look of every item within the collection is eye catchy which is perfect for kids. They will love to use the items even all the way to the time when they will grow up later on in the future.

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Wooden Floor Wooden Shelving Unit Colorful Trays Books Woodne Table And Benches Ball Wooden Toy

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