Modern Wobbling Table from George Duan

Stuffed Animal Placed Between The Shorter Leg Of The Table Of Mindfulness And Its Small Circular Glass Window Concrete Floor

Some furniture items of today some with unique design and shape that will not just highly practical but look good at the same time. Some of those considerably unique designs have an even more unique function. The main idea is apparently to make it simpler and more natural in using those items whenever needed. Some of them may offer multiple features in one thing so that space will not be an issue for that kind of detail. This fresh design of table from George Duan comes with the solution to deal with uneven surfaces where the table is about to be placed.

The interesting feature of this so-called Table of Mindfulness from George Duan is that it has one shorter leg than other legs. Thus this table can be called the wobbling table since it will wobble when something is not holding it between the shorter leg and the table top surface. George Duan comes up with the idea of dealing with possible uneven surfaces where the table might need to be placed. To help use the table, putting certain things like books or magazines should be on shorter legs to adjust the height of the table itself. In the end, it will be able to provide a relatively even surface just like a standard table.

In term of its appeal, this table is nothing but modern. It features the idea of Easter philosophy in its shape that can be considered to be simple and compact. That philosophy can be understood upon the presence of a circular glass window above the shorter leg. Just below that glass window, there will be things to support the table so that it will have even surface. It is a reminder that as a person it is a must always to remember those things as well as some people who are still there to give some support in life. It is surprising that a small table like this one comes with profound philosophy. That is one reason for its name to be the Table of Mindfulness.

The table is made of wood that delivers a decent look quietly just like its shape and design. The things that can be placed below its glass window can be anything that should be able even to bring back some memories. This Table of Mindfulness by George Duan is not just a functional piece of furniture but surely a great item to have.

Wooden Compact Table Of Mindfulness By George Duan One Shorter Leg Amidst Four Wooden Legs With Small Circular Glass Window Books Pencil Concrete Floor

Stuffed Animal Placed Between The Shorter Leg Of The Table Of Mindfulness And Its Small Circular Glass Window Concrete Floor

Wooden Top Table Of Mindfulness With Wooden Legs One Shorter Leg

The Table Of Mindfulness From George Duan Made Of Wood With Four Legs One Shorter Leg Below Small Circular Glass Window Concrete Floor Books Pencil

Small Circular Glass Window Above The Shorter Leg Of Table Of Mindfulness To See Things Placed Below It

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