Modern Waterfront House with Wonderful Views and Smart Privacy

A Bedroom With Wooden Floor Consists Of White Bed With Blue Shade Pillows, A Side Table, Two Black Lamps, And A Black Fan On The Ceiling

Our earth is beautiful. It gives us so many wonderful views that can make us happy and release our stress. Having a house with so many beautiful views is everyone’s dream. Yet, we also need privacy in our house. Keeping the confidentiality of the house becomes a major challenge during the construction period while there are so many beautiful and beautiful scenery and many visitors outside. Yet, it is not an impossible thing. In this high time, I would like to talk about a house that has unique structures as the response to the challenge. This house is located in Cape Town, South Africa.

Malan Vorster Architecture Interior Design built this wonderful house. This kind of building has 789 square meters of living space. The enclosed front facade and high-walled walls of this house provide a private and cozy interior hidden from passers-by. Such a good idea to add privacy to the house.

Let’s have a look closer to space. The internal volumes of the house do not have high ceilings. They can be told that they are relatively small. The internal volumes are built on three levels and in three main blocks which each block has a different function. Let’s take a look at the first floor. In the first floor, you may see many beautiful views over the street towards the sea. This floor has cedar wood shutters that add privacy without really block the light and the wonderful views outside. Gabion walls are used as a frame for the garage, and it elevates the living space. Besides, the gabion walls also used to hide the utility areas at the same time. Drop-down screens are used over the glazed facades by the Architects to maximize the Northern exposure and to minimize the solar hit gain.

In the social spaces, you will find exposed concrete ceilings which are paired with polished floor, while in the bedrooms you will find an oak wood floor that beautified the rooms. The interior is designed properly and well balanced. It is not bold or unusual. The views can be enhanced because of the simplicity of the materials which are involved. The views also can be a part of the decoration that gives maximum beauty and wonderful look to space. Have you ever imagine to have beautiful views as decoration? What a smart idea!

A House Facing The Beach Looked From The Outside

A Kitchen With Low Ceiling Features Wooden Kitchen Cabinets, Some Stools, And Some Black Lamps Over The Kitchen Island

A Wooden Kitchen Island With Black Countertop And Black Pendant Lamps Completed With Some Stools

A Bedroom With Wooden Floor Consists Of White Bed With Blue Shade Pillows, A Side Table, Two Black Lamps, And A Black Fan On The Ceiling

A Room For A Wine Cellar Features Many Racks For Full Of Wine

A House With A Swimming Pool, Some Sofas In The Outside Looked From The Outside With Lights From The Lamps

A Long Dining Table With Chairs Placed In A Space With Large Glazed Facade And Wooden Floor

A Kitchen Features Wooden Kitchen Cabinets With Black Countertops And Black Pendant Lamps

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