Modern Style House with Glass Facades and Spiral Core

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Incorporating glass in the interior or even exterior design of residential houses is now a common thing. Well, it offers many benefits compared to other available materials. It is one of the easiest ways to get closer to the surrounding while also being perfectly safe inside at the same time. There have been many houses and buildings all over the globe with the use of glass all over them. Some of them are often considered to be having the best appeals over other buildings and houses. One of those beautiful houses with glass as its main material is a tiny village-inspired modern style house in New Zealand. It was designed by Vaughn McQuarrie to look nothing but awesome.

The tiny village inspiration is seen in its large double-height center space with many features on the sides around it. It resembles a village with one communal center in the middle, right? It has about 247 square meters of functional living space around the house with two mezzanine platforms there alongside a side lane for the practicality matter there. It features glass facades right at both ends of the building. It has the benefits of getting lots of natural light from the surrounding which is pretty good for today.

The center of the house that can be seen from the outside is surely the sculptural spiral staircase. It surely is a functional one with multiple levels of the interior. It enhances further the beauty of the interior décor. It looks pretty elegant while being so space-efficient at the same time compared to the traditional design of staircase. Around the staircase is the social zone with a fireplace as well as the scenic views of the surrounding areas. Precast concrete wall panels with steel beams are seen there constructing the house that looks a bit industrial. There are wooden room dividers and ceilings to balance the industrial accents mentioned earlier.

Mezzanine platforms are there linked by a side walkway with different décor and structure as a matter of fact. One of them is the sleeping space which is pretty cozy with its bathroom separated by wooden room dividers. Meanwhile, the guest bedroom is as cozy as the first bedroom with a decent garden view. Meanwhile, the other mezzanine platform is the working space in its open characteristic to make it easy in trying to gather ideas and inspirations when working on something there. Overall, it is a nice looking house.

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Wooden Ceiling Desktop Pc Black Framed Glass Facade Wall Ceiling Lamps Office Desk Wooden Wall Books Office Chairs

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