Modern Silver House in Peaceful Wales life

A Lux Black House With A Car Looked From Outeside

Hello fellas! Are you ready for another topic about amazing and inspiring houses? This time will be so high because the house we are going to talk about is done in the unusual shade. Wanna see it? Let’s have a look at it!

Hyde + Hyde, a Swansea-based architecture office, has created Silver House. This house is built for a family who relocated to Wales from London because they want a more peaceful life and a closer relation with nature.

This building is designed to get maximum exposure to the views outside while referencing the region’s vernacular architecture. The layered alignment has a horizontal emphasis with different groups so as to break the overall volume. There is a stone platform which contains bedrooms located at the ground-floor level features a solid base for the timber-clad upper story.

If you take a closer look at the areas, the real language of the ground floor connects with the medieval tradition of dry stone walling. Many windows are added to this house. Portal windows to the bedroom cantilever on the ground floor over a reflecting pool gathers the water of the rain from the roof above. There is a space which is quite unusual in this house. It is a sound recording studio. This space is located in the basement. Such areas are illuminated by the natural light that comes through the reflecting pool flanking the house.

You will find the main living spaces and a master bedroom on the first floor. At this level, the room is built into two different shapes with a single-eyed roof that responds to the wind and rain coming from the channel. The staircase is placed in the center that emphasizes the division of the upper story. The stairs become a way to connect the paved outdoor patio and deck to the entrance way between the first and the second-floor spaces.

Let’s see at the bedroom. The bedroom volume is the line along on side with a full-height window which is facing the west. The living area which is facing to the south and adjoining balcony is located in beneath a sloping roof that points out directly to the ocean.

The house is designed to get the maximum light to the changing daylight conditions along the day. The kitchen is built at the east of the upper story and it gets lots of morning light, which passes along the south-facing living area before giving a view of the beautiful sunset from the master bedroom.

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A Modern House Looked From Outside

A Lux Black House With A Car Looked From Outeside

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