Modern Outdoor Lamps in Cool Design and Shape

The Paris Lamp Design By Maiori White Chairs White Table White Floor Lamp Large Shade Green Grass Large Tree Greenery Fencing

Outdoor items should not be ugly even if they have to be concerning more on functional and durability aspect. Well, the recent trend is that even modern outdoor pieces in any form are offering great appeal alongside durable characteristic. These modern outdoor lamps are just some examples of cool outdoor items that remain to be durable and functional.

Originated from Dutch, a company named BLOOM! Has the Bloom wall lamp designed by Rob Slewe? It is easy to use since it can be attached to any wall, fence, or a table. In short, the design of this lamp is like a regular lamp sliced in half so that it has the flat surface to rest against a wall mainly. Next is the Mate lamp designed by Geert Koster in such stylish and modern appeal. It features white steel base and ordinary light bulb. It has a unique appeal as if it is a street lamp in for its long leg. Another modern outdoor lamp that looks cool is the one within the Giant Outdoor Collection of Original 1227 in resemblance of the iconic desk lamp named Anglepoise back in the 30s. It seems nice in the form of an articulated wall lamp that could be an oversized décor statement for sure.

Next on this list is the solar-powered Paris outdoor lamp by Maiori. It is an autonomous lighting fixture using solar power in which it is a weatherproof piece as well. One good thing about it is that it can be customized to works on a modular system with 26 different combinations accordingly. Rainer Mutsch has a unique outdoor lamp made of hand molded fiber-cement that looks awesome. That material is a highly durable one so that it is perfect for an outdoor lantern like this one. Another great option of a cold outdoor modern lamp is the one named Halley from Meritxell Vidal and Jordi Vilardell. It is pretty slim in arched design that is lightweight as well. It is easy to assemble and move whenever needed. Its LEDs are water-resistant.

Antonangeli Illuminazione comes with the LED outdoor lighting named Pollicino. It can be used as steps signs as well as swinging lamp depending on the need of any outdoor space available. Meanwhile, there is the one from Jean Marie Massaud named Terra. It is a combination of solar lamp and a table in which undoubtedly it is powered by solar energy. It can sit at different angles to collect solar power accordingly. Closing this list is the Delta bu Arik Levy that features a different form of wall and wall lamps to choose. All of them are made of aluminum with touch feature to activate the lights.

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The Mate Outdoor Lamp Design By Geert Koster All White Finished Metal Base Floor Lamp Wooden Planter Wooden Bench Cream Cushion Greenery Fencing Wooden Outdoor Deck

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The Paris Lamp Design By Maiori White Chairs White Table White Floor Lamp Large Shade Green Grass Large Tree Greenery Fencing

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Delta Light Design By Arik Levy Black Finished Lamp Shade Metal Base Posts Trees Greenery Stone Flooring

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