Modern Module Kitchen: Make Your Cooking Fun

A Sink With Wooden Countertop And Bowl And Plates On It

Many people love cooking. Cooking can be one of many fun activities that people love to do. You can do cooking together when your friends come to home, or you can do some experiments of new recipes by yourself. Therefore, having a kitchen which is comfort and fun is necessary especially for you who love cooking.

Unfortunately, usual kitchen in a house make us cannot do something else or having other ambience because it is stuck and not flexible. It make us only move in the kitchen and cannot get other views. The situation is getting worse if you have only a little kitchen which is not comfortable enough to do cooking together with friends. Yet, modern designers and architects create unique mobile layouts that can be changed every time you like. In this great time, I would like to share about a mobile kitchen which will amaze yourself. Let’s have a look at it.

An architect from Guatemala, Alejandra Calderon creates ‘The Liberation of the Kitchen’. This kind of unique item provides the opportunity to improve various different scenarios that following the lifestyle of its users. Besides, ‘The Liberation of the Kitchen’ opens for the domestic layout of the future. ‘The Liberation of the Kitchen’ is available in three mobile modules were smartly designed to provide many needs in cooking.

The three mobile modules consists of all elements which are need for preparing meals such as two induction cooktops, storage space, preparation space, a fridge and a sink that includes three containers to recycle waste. In the whole process of preparing meals, we will need to prepare the ingredients until our meals are ready to be served in the plates or bowls. All of the tools, ingredients, and many other things are need to be kept and place not in a one place because it will be very mess and very uncomfortable to have many things just in a place. ‘The Liberation of the Kitchen’ provides many spaces with their functions which help you to have more space in the cooking process. Such an amazing mobile item!

Each modules works with a stackable system of different elements. Each elements has the ability to be used individually. It can stand alone as an individual piece which is done with a folding legs mechanism. Although each of them is individual item, they also can be unify as a unity. The three different elements can be stacked and combined in different configurations depends on the owner’s need.

A Sink With Wooden Countertop And Bowl And Plates On It

The Liberation Of The Kitchen Is Separated Into Six Pieces With Their Own Storage And Functions

The Liberation Of The Kitchen Is Separated Into 4 Pieces

Two Induction Cooktops Of The Liberation Of The Kitchen

A Module Consists Of Storage And A Mini Fridge

A Woman Is Cooking In The Three Items Of The Liberation Of The Kitchen

Three Items Of The Liberation Of The Kitchen

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