Modern Lounger Best Options for Modern Outdoor Spaces

The Locus Solus Sun Lounger From Gae Aulenti Uniqur Curvy And Tubular Design With Large Wheels Cream Cushions Potted Plant Book Orange Juice Ocean View

Choosing and using just the right piece of furniture is important to maximize the function of any space. The fact that even tight spaces can be maximized just by picking the right items means that choosing the items to get is very important. Loungers are available in so many options in which these are some of the best ones for modern outdoor spaces.

The Cyclone by Uhuru is amidst the best options to choose. It is made of wood out of 75 years of natural wear, and tears with complex metal base framework finished in powder coating. Overall it looks nothing but pleasant. Next on the list is the Tidal by Trent Jansen made of stainless steel wire. Curvy base frame with either powder coat or electropolish finish complete the contemporary appeal of it as comfortable outdoor seating. Another option is the Mermaid by Kenneth Cobonpue made of polyethylene fiber. It is hand-woven to maximize its natural curves to adapt body curves. It is finished in silver, brown, or white to choose for different spaces.

Gae Aulenti offers the Locus Solus as a perfect mix of tubular metal framing and warm shades of cloth. The tubular frame has nothing but serious tones to enhance its curved lines as its main attraction. Another great choice is the sleek and ergonomic Kwila from Lujo. It comes with stoppers as well that is just perfect for an outdoor lounger. Meanwhile, there is the Soho by harbor Outdoor as well. It is pretty stylish in stainless steel frame base. The finish is in mesh backs and seats with easy to adjust headrest for the best comfort of it.

Volo has its hammock style as a comfortable and relaxing lounger for two. This is a pretty exclusive item since it is made by order only. Its frame comes in several colors that include bronze, silver, black and white. Sheila Kennedy delivers the idea of Soft Rocker with its battery powered by solar power so that it can charge various devices upon its use. Plank Lounger by Eric Pfeiffer has a decent design for Council. Steel frame finished in white powder coat is its base with the options of gray-stained, whitewashed, and black-stained. One last option to consider of modern loungers is the Leaf by Dedon. It is pretty durable since the framework has a rust-resistant finish. It is offered alongside matching side table as well as some accessories.

The Locus Solus Sun Lounger From Gae Aulenti Uniqur Curvy And Tubular Design With Large Wheels Cream Cushions Potted Plant Book Orange Juice Ocean View

The Soho Lounger From Harbour Outdoor In Simple Design White Finish Stainless Steel Frame Light Wooden Outdoor Flooring Ocean View

The Plank Lounger From Eric Pfeiffer For Council White Finished Metal Base Frame Light Wooden Plank Surfaces Dark Wooden Flooring Small Wooden Table White Top Potted Plants

The Volo Garden Lounger Design White Curvy Tubular Steel Framework Blue Hammock Style Surface Wooden Outdoor Deck

The Soft Rocker Smart Design From Sheila Kennedy Curvy Wooden Construction With Roof Solar Panel Outside Manicured Lawn

The Tidal Sunlounger From Trent Jansen Curvy Metal Framework With Wheels Small Round Top Side Table Potted Plants Square Stone Tile Flooring Large Outdoor Pool Greenery

The Unique Design Of Leaf Lounger From Dedon Aluminum Tube Framing Fiber Surface

The Kwila Sun Lounger From Lujo Curvy Wooden Frame Metal Accents Outdoor Foam Cushion Wooden Flooring Lady In Black Enjoying A Glass Of Wine Under The Sun

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