Modern Interior Lighting Fixture Inspired by Sunrise

Rise Sconce Lighting Fixture Of Hollis Morris

Many elements of nature have been totally inspiring about many items related to interior décor. Aside of that, natural phenomena are also pretty common to be incorporated in various items just to get a kind of closer feels to nature. One of many ideas that could be easily adapted in many items for interior décor is sun including its sunrise period. It can commonly be found in the form of lighting fixtures in which the design is made to resemble that certain period of the sun seen from the earth. However, it is also true that other things are inspired by the sun in many ideas and styles of interior decoration.

In term of the interior lighting fixture, there is the Rise Sconce inspired by sunrise. The ethereal light produced by the sun during the sunrise period can be seen there out of this lighting fixture. In short, it represents the so-called circumference of light during the period of sunrise. It is true that even just a lighting fixture can really create a dramatic effect on any interior space. This particular lighting fixture designed and created by Hollis+Morris is definitely a decent piece of that thing. Regardless of its placement, it will easily deliver a stunning addition to the décor of any space it is placed. It can clearly accentuate the décor of any space as well in the most natural way possible.

The so-called Rise Sconce is actually a lighting fixture made of metal and solid wood. Yet it is a nice looking piece of sconce offering a really warm and soft light with the idea of creating a similar effect as if it is the moment of sunrise. The heated circumference of light produced by this Rise Sconce has been carefully set to resemble that ethereal light generated by the sun during the sunrise period. It can easily create a unique atmosphere inside any room where it is placed. Obviously, it could be better to be placed there in a bedroom instead of other spaces.

The solid wood and metal of this lighting fixture are offered in three different shades to choose accordingly. It means that it could match different styles of décor easily. The circular frame of this lighting fixture can be in either brass or brushed copper. Meanwhile, the disk is the one that comes in three different shades. In short, it can even be said to be a really simple yet elegant piece of lighting fixture for any modern space.

Rise Sconce Lighting Fixture Circular Elemets Imitating Sunrise Period

Rise Sconce Wall Lighting Fixture Soft Warm Light Resembling Sunrise Period

Rise Sconce Lighting Fixture Of Hollis Morris

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Rise Sconce Light Metal Circular Base Brass Wooden Overlap

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