Modern Interior Design of a Comfortable House with Highly Functional Furniture Items

Potted Plants Black Chairs Wooden Table Wooden Chair Red Cushions Wooden Shelving Unit Concrete Flooring

It is a common thing that many homeowners have known that living space can always be looking good as well as highly functional at the same time. Thus even a small living space such as an apartment can always be maximized in term of its appearance and its function by picking the right furniture items and using the right space or floor plan. A residence in Spain has its modern feel inside its interior space which really is comfortable and highly functional at the same time. Can Ghalili do the renovation with the main purpose of maximizing the living space for a family? Although it is a kind of holiday home, it is as comfortable and as functional as a main living house.

Under the name of Loca Studio, Can Ghalili has done a decent job in connecting the exterior spaces with the interior area of this residence. Open space, light, and flexible are the characteristics that can all be found in this particular house. Brick, stone, and dry wood are all incorporated within the construction of this house along with translucent glass as well. Overall the house looks pretty modern and simple with nothing that can be said to be too much.

The use of translucent glass lets the lights enter the space indirectly. It creates a somewhat pleasant and soft atmosphere inside the interior compared to direct natural lights entering the space. It is useful to change the core height of the room as well though. The orientation of the living spaces inside the residence is the patio to create a rather quiet yet open feel although it is inside the house. The patio has a minimalist appeal with a comfortable long bench there all the way along the wall. Well, nothing else there to find in the patio.

White is the main tone of the space that creates a visually bigger interior space. Surely it is a decent piece of canvas for the interior decoration. Photos and artworks can be seen there beautifying the space instantly. In term of the texture of the décor, there are stone as well as light wooden features and items inside. All of the furniture items inside this residence are functional and comfortable. Cozy and light feel inside the interior space enhances the furniture items selection and create a highly livable residential house although it is not the owner’s actual living space.

Exposed Brick Wall Bicycle Concrete Flooring Wooden Beams Wooden Ceiling Bathroom Wall Tile Coveriing Wall Mounted Sink Wall Lamps

Natural Stone Wall Wooden Sliding Door Wall Mounted Sink Wooden Shelving Unit Wall Lamp Rectangular Tile Baathroom Wall Covering Wooden Ceiling

Wooden Tble Wooden Kitchen Island Marble Top Wooden Kitchen Cabinetry White Fridge Glass Door Panels Potted Plant

Translucent Glass Wall Panels Concrete Flooring White Rocking Chair Wicker Planter Decorative Greenery Wall Lamp Wall Mirror

Wooden Table Framed Art Pieces Potted Plants Wooden Open Shelving Unit Stone Wall Wooden Ceiling Beams Wooden Chair Red Cushion Small Table Lamp Books

Concrete Patio Flooring Wooden Bench Stone Clad Wall Trees White Chair Small Round White Table Book

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Potted Plants Black Chairs Wooden Table Wooden Chair Red Cushions Wooden Shelving Unit Concrete Flooring

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