Modern Industrial Bilbao Apartment

A Living Room Is Separated From A Dining Space With Wooden Table And Chairs By Wooden Glazed Partitions

Hi friends! How are you today? In this beautiful occasion, I would like to talk about an apartment that may inspire you who are looking for some ideas about dwelling. This apartment is done in industrial touches, so if you are looking for industrial style ideas just do not go anywhere and follow the tour here. Enjoy!

There is an old apartment which is refurnished by PAUZARQ Arquitectos and it is located in the famous Plaza del Museo, in Bilbao, Spain. By their magic hands, the apartment turned from an ordinary one into an unconventional home with industrial design influences that meets the contemporary living needs of the owners.

This building consists of two singular features that is conditioned the planned approach right from the beginning. On one side, a powerful reinforced concrete structure with edge girders has an important role. On the other side, there is a polygon-shaped façade which is completed with sash windows that advanced over the front line.

Those certain features then were creatively developed and emphasized. The concrete beams of the house and the girders where uncovered because of the skillful hands touch. This action bring a raw industrial touch to the space. The long and dark corridor was removed from the house. As a replacement, it is integrated in the living room and this space get full advantage of the generously sized windows. White color are mostly use to the space in order to get more airy space and make the space larger in visual look.

The kitchen, the living room, and the dining space are arranged in one open space. Although they come in the same space, they are still separated by glass and wood partitions. This kind of design makes the apartment become more modern and can grab everyone’s attention. Two sliding doors also complete this apartment. The two sliding doors offer the possibility to reach and link every functional area from the rest spaces of the apartment.

Talking about the lighting, according to the designers, the light is focused downward to give illumination of the thermo-clay walls and upward on the wooden blocks.  Lighting item is important in the interior. It is the source of the light when there is no sunlight comes enter the space. Not only becoming a light source for a space, lighting item can built a mood of the space also. The mood can be influenced by the light whether it is bright or just an illumination. The light of this apartment is also carefully designed to bring a good ambience of the space.

A Wooden Round Table With A Pot, A Book, And A Cup On It, And Some Wooden Chairs Around Lightened By A Lamp Over The Table

A Kitchen With White Cabinetry And Wooden Glazed Partition

A Bathroom Is Done With Tiles And White Interior

Wooden Glazed Partitions Divide The Kitchen With White Cabinetry From The Dining Area With Wooden Round Table And Wooden Chairs

A Grey Sofa And A Chair Placed Near A Colorful Rug With Three Bulb Hung Over It

A Wooden Floor Dining Area Features Wooden Round Table And Some Wooden Chairs Around

A Living Room Is Separated From A Dining Space With Wooden Table And Chairs By Wooden Glazed Partitions

An Art Work Placed Above A White Bed With White Pillows

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