Modern House Made of Concrete and Wood named House Carrara

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Concrete is a standard material to be used in house construction in some places. The actual finish may not be necessarily concrete though. Surprisingly concrete can be highly appealing in the form of finish for any living space. It may well be considered as an industrial appeal by going for the solid finish when done correctly. A decent example of concrete being used as a finish in an actual living space is in the Carrara House that can only be found in Brazil. It is a family home finished in minimalist modern décor style with concrete as an integral part of it. The design is done by Studio Valeria Montijo as well as the realization of the composition into reality. Overall the house is a cool one to admire.

The family who lived in the house loves cement, concrete, and wood. Thus all of those materials are incorporated into the design and construction of this Carrara House. The house is a spacious one with a pretty smooth line from the outdoor space into the interior area with the use of floor-to-ceiling windows right at the ground level of this house. That feature connects the main living areas of the house with the balcony and a large pool there.

The dining space of this house has an amazing view of the jungle forest that is seemingly integrated well into the interior space by the smart placement of a giant window there. There is a wooden wall as well to add more coziness level into space while also punching a bit of warmth to the area as well. Meanwhile, the dining furniture set is a simple one so that the view will not be overwhelmed by it.

Furthermore, the top section of the house has a second balcony in a large size that has its other function as a solarium. The living room has an eye-catchy rough finished the concrete wall with just one wooden fence as the statement of the décor and adding a bit of texture there. Artwork can be seen there as well along with modern looking furniture items such as a glass top coffee table alongside a sculptural design of a bench. A home bar is set by one of the walls of the space to serve its essential function for everyone as well as some guests whenever needed. The entire area of the house has the look of rough concrete appeal that can even be said to be rather brutal, yet the atmosphere is pretty comfortable.

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Bold Yellow And Red Wooden Chairs Wooden Outdoor Deck Glass Window Concrete Space Wooden Accents Trees Greenery Manicured Lawn

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